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Ford Expedition Body Lift Spacer

If you need a sport utility vehicle (SUV) that can carry more loads than what a mid-size SUV can handle yet not as heavy and bulky to drive as a full-size SUV, then the Ford Expedition may be the right vehicle for you. The Ford Expedition is as drivable as the mid-size Ford Explorer, but definitely bigger and capable of carrying more loads. And while it is as powerful as the full-size Ford Excursion, it is not as large and bulky.

The Ford Expedition debuted in the American automotive scene in 1997, replacing the full-size Ford Bronco for the said model year. With a seating capacity for 9 and a towing capacity of up to 8,000 lb, the Ford Expedition was set to compete against the Chevrolet Suburban. The first generation of the vehicle was sold until 2002 and was given a major revision for 2003 for its second generation. In 2007, the third generation Ford Expedition is expected to be introduced.

From 1997 up until the present, the Ford Expedition has been lauded for its fine performance on the road and its capability on the off-road track. This, however, should be expected, for the Ford Expedition was equipped with nothing but high quality and top performance Ford Expedition parts. In its current form, the Ford Expedition is fitted with a 5.4-litter V8 engine that outputs 300 hp and 365 lb-ft of torque. It's brilliantly designed mechanical parts and innovatively engineered suspensions further make the vehicle capable both on the road and on the off-road track. Add to this the various amenities installed inside the vehicle that provides supreme passenger comfort.

Apart from performance, the Ford Expedition is also lauded for its stylishness and aggressiveness. Equipped with elegant Ford Expedition body parts like hoods, fenders, bumpers and header panel, the Expedition poses a very sporty and aggressive style that is greatly suited for high performance driving. These Ford Expedition body parts were also made to be tough and rigid so that they would last for a much longer time.

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