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Ford Expedition License Plate Bracket

Troubleshooting Common Problems with Your Ford Expedition License Plate Bracket

Have you ever wondered how your license plate is attached to your car? That single plate that is part of your car's identity is held in place by brackets, and they are either mounted on your bumper or drilled through it. These brackets may have screws or metal clips that might accumulate rust and become corroded over time. You wouldn't want damaged brackets-even if they are not visible components of your car, brackets that are uncared for can mean disaster. You'll regret it one day when you suddenly find out that your license plate has been stolen because it was so easy to remove, or it has fallen off because of corrosion. Here are some troubleshooting and diagnostic steps to take to get to the bottom of your Ford Expedition license plate bracket problems:

Rust present on aluminum brackets

If you have a license plate bracket that is made from aluminum alloy, is partially visible, and is rusty, it can stick out like a sore thumb. Remove the mounting screws on the brackets, inspect them for rust, then proceed with fixing the damage. Cleaning aluminum surfaces and keeping them rust-free can be done using a few household materials. A solution including tartar, vinegar or lemon juice, and some water can be applied to the affected areas. Use a steel wool afterwards to carefully remove rust that has not gone off after applying the solution.

Rattling noises coming from the license plate frame

You might have purchased a car that does not have a front plate because the state it was from did not require the owner to install one. You already have a license plate ready, but the brackets you purchase might not fit exactly with the license plate frame. Because of this, the license plate frame has the tendency to sag and rattle when you are driving. Use zip ties to tighten the fit of the license plate frame against the bracket but only as a temporary solution. Attach them to the brackets and onto the braces on the frame to compensate for the loose fit. Make sure the zip ties secure the frame really well, as more problems can arise if you have done a poor job of attaching them.

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  • Caring for Your Ford Expedition License Plate Bracket

    During a long drive, you hear rattling noises at the rear of your car and dismiss them once they have stopped. You hear them again some time later and finally hear a loud clunking sound. You stop and get out of your vehicle and lo and behold-you find your license plate has fallen off a few feet back. This unfortunate scenario could have been avoided had you cared properly for your license plate brackets. They are responsible for holding your license plates, which are required by law to be displayed outside your vehicle at all times. Listed below are some maintenance tips on how to take good care of your Ford Expedition license plate bracket. You never know when your brackets are already about to give up on you, so it's best to follow these reminders for them to last longer.

    Apply a homemade solution to your aluminum alloy brackets to prevent rust.

    Making and applying a homemade solution to brackets made of aluminum alloy can be very advantageous in the long run. This solution includes a tablespoon cream of tartar and vinegar mixed with one quart of water. Applying it liberally and regularly to your license plate brackets helps prevent rust from forming. If your brackets have become discolored, this solution is also effective. If the damage is severe, you'll need to rub the brackets carefully with a steel wool, taking care not to scratch the aluminum surface. Apply a mild, non-abrasive cleaner or silver polish for polished parts, screws, and retaining clips made of metal.

    Make sure the retaining clips and screws are tight, but not too tight.

    The license plate bracket can either be attached to the front bumper via a set of screws or retaining clips. Make sure these are screwed or clipped on tightly, but not too tight that they damage your bumper. Ensuring that the brackets fit snugly is a way to prevent it from becoming loose as time passes. Loose brackets can produce irritating rattling noises. Worse, a bracket that is not attached properly can fall off and can even be the cause of road accidents.