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Ford Expedition Suspension Lift Kit

Ford is one of the largest American auto makers in the world. Impressive performance, comfortable interiors, and enticing look are just some of the standing traits Ford models possess. Ford Mustang, Ford GT, Ford Escape, Ford Explorer and Ford Expedition and many others have undoubtedly spoken for performance, power and superb styling. But what really are the keys to this vehicle's maximum performance? It's the Ford auto parts that are designed and engineered to suit the needs of any Ford owner. Among these Ford parts is the Ford Expedition suspension.

Suspension refers to the use of front and rear springs to suspend a vehicle's "sprung" weight. On today's cars and trucks, the springs that are being used are constructed in a variety of types, shapes, sizes, rates, and capacities. The types of the springs include coil springs, leaf springs, air springs, and torsion bars. These components are used in sets of four for every car, or they may be paired off in different combinations and are attached by a number of different mounting procedures. The suspension system also includes shocks and/or struts, and sway bars.

In the earliest days of auto development when most of the weight of the car which includes the engine, was on the rear axle, steering was a simple matter of turning a tiller that revolved the whole front axle. So when the car's engine was moved to the front of the vehicle, complex steering systems had to change. From then on, improvements in suspension and steering, increased strength and durability of components, and advances in tire design and construction have made large contributions to riding comfort and to safe driving as well.

Any Ford Expedition suspension defect can make a car unsafe to drive. So, it is necessary to have a regular maintenance on your Ford Expedition suspensions. When you think one of the components of your Ford Expedition suspension is not working well, repair or replacement is needed.

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