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Ford Explorer Suspension Lift Kit

Roads are far from perfect that is why we need any form of car suspension. Ford Explorer suspension is in response to this problem in order to keep the shocks and bumps away from the passengers. During the early days, this was not much of a problem since most of automobile's weight before was on the rear axle and the steering wheel was a very simple matter of turning a tiller that pivoted the entire front axle. Modern cars have come a long way and as improvement in suspension and steering continues, all the more it contributes to comfortable and safe driving.
Ford Explorer suspension uses the front and rear springs to suspend the car's sprung weight. These springs are constructed in a variety of shapes, types, rates, sizes, and capacities which include leaf springs, coil springs, air springs, and torsion bars. In each car, springs in set of four are used or can be in pairs with various combinations and these are attached by applying several mounting techniques. Ford Explorer suspension has multi-link system that includes shocks, struts, and sway bars.
The Ford Explorer suspension has two basic functions: to provide comfortable ride to the passengers and to keep the car's wheels in firm contact with the road. How can the passengers have a comfortable ride if they keep on bouncing and swaying after each bump? Ford Explorer suspension is the answer to this since it includes springs that support the body of the car evenly by compressing and rebounding with every up-and-down movement. And through the shock absorbers, undesirable effects brought by this movement are reduced.
Car suspension is very important in every vehicle, but if it is defective it can cause untoward incidents. So before riding, suspension should always be checked for defects. Worn out shocks and struts can affect handling so these should be checked for any leaking oil. Ball joints should be maintained since ball joints wear can cause your car to wander while driving down the road. All other suspension components should also be lubricated. And most of all, every year, make sure that you have your car suspension system examined by a mechanic to check if there are components that need repair and replacement.

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