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Ford F-150 Window Motor

Knowing What's Wrong with Your Ford F-150 Window Motor

You get to enjoy the fresh breeze as you drive your pick-up truck when you have a great-functioning Ford F-150 window motor. And even though it has been made to last for quite a long time, there are many factors that can negatively affect its performance. Here are some ways to know what is wrong with your car's window motor.

Poor or no electrical feed

When the motor does not work, it does not always mean that it is broken or it has gone bad. Perform a simple test on the window motor using a voltmeter. If the voltage is not enough, the motor will turn slowly. If, however, you observe that there is no voltage or ground, then electricity might not be reaching it. Check if the fuse is blown, if the relay is defective, if there are damaged wires, or if there are breaks in the electrical connections.

Broken drive rollers

The Ford F-150 window motor has a driven gear that is attached to the regulator drive gear through the use of drive rollers. The drive rollers usually give allowance for slight misalignment, and they also ensure a smooth and quiet window operation. But they can become brittle, resulting in easy breakage. When they break, the drive gear and the regulator drive gear will lose their link. The motor may run, but the window will not open or close.

The motor sticks

Sometimes, the motor simply sticks and stops working altogether. To know if this is the case, open the door panel of the affected window and give it a couple of swift taps with a small hammer. If it still doesn't work, your motor is definitely sticky. Beside this, the lubrication may also have caked out or dried up. This will prevent the gears in the motor from turning, thus disabling window operations.

Bad relay

The window motor relay tells the motor and the window itself where to turn. Sometimes, a set of contacts can get stuck and will make the window go down or go up by itself. Remember also that a short along the wires between the switch and the motor would also cause the problem with the motor.

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  • Keeping Ford F-150 Window Motor in Excellent Working Condition

    The Ford F-150 window motor operates the regulator by allowing it to move the window glass up or down. When something goes wrong with even just one of its gears, the entire window will not function. It may be a small but it plays a big role in the proper operation of the windows. To keep it in excellent working condition, here are some tips you can follow:

    Maintain good electrical connections.

    If the electrical connections that lead to the motor are damaged or the contacts are dirty, the current will not reach the window motor. Clean the contacts with electric parts cleaner to allow a good flow of current.

    Clean window motor.

    When the components of the window motor are caked with dried-up, old grease, the motor will not work no matter how much you press the window switch. Take time to clean all the parts of the window motor especially the two spring-loaded contacts, the shaft, the casing, the brushes, and the main drive gear. Use electrical parts cleaner to remove all the gunk that may be inhibiting the proper flow of current or the correct mechanical movement of the motor's components.

    Lubricate window motor.

    When it comes to the moving parts of the Ford F-150 window motor, good lubrication should always be done. This is because the lowering or the raising of the window glass is rooted in the smooth mechanical movement of these parts. Lubricate the two ends of the shaft and also the main drive gear. This will ensure smooth turning that translates to smooth window operation. Lubricate also the splined metal strips that can be found coming out of the window motor using bearing packing grease.

    Apply silicon spray on window glass tracks.

    Besides lubricating the window motor itself, it help to spray on some silicon spray on the track also. This helps in the proper functioning of the window motor since the tracks offer smooth operation. Before spraying the silicon, though, make sure you remove all dirt in the tracks using some brake cleaner and a rag. Be careful to take off all build up so that they will not become impediments to the mechanical movement. Otherwise, the window motor will get strained and eventually break down.