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Ford F-550 Parts and Ford F-550 Accessories

Six Little-Known Things about the Ford F-550

  • Ontario's Terradyne Armored Vehicle's Inc. Gurkha utilized the chassis from Ford F-550. The armored military and police vehicle was a bulletproof equipment being used in different countries around the world. It was known to work well with a maximum power of 350 hp at 300 rpm.

  • In the American TV series Breaking Bad, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman used a Ford F-550 as a truck for their fumigation company, Vamonos Pest Control. Little did everyone else knew that the company was just a front to cover their organization manufacturing crystal meth. The story of the series revolved around a high school Chemist teacher (White) and his former student (Pinkman) as they explore the Albuquerque black market of crystal meth.

  • 2006 comedy film Bachelor Party Vegas gave a lot of exposure to a Ford F-550. The vehicle was used as a party bus for the five guy friends who are celebrating a bachelor party in the Sin City. The movie is about a group's bachelor party in Vegas gone awry when their party planner had them involved in a bank robbery, causing a lot of police chases. Prize-fighter Chuck Liddell was also involved along the way.

  • The United States Secret Service used a Ford F550 as one of its support trucks. It was a black truck with an eight-foot-long box. It was known to be seen behind The President's limousine in a number of occasions. The United States Secret Service was responsible for ensuring the security of past and present leaders including their families.

  • In April 2012, a Ford F-550 concept vehicle from NewScope Marketing became a real-life rescue truck in Arlington, Texas. The concept truck was fresh from the Chicago Auto Show two months before a series of tornados hit Dallas, cutting power lines and flinging large debris across the streets. The Granbury Volunteer Fire Department figured it would be a good idea to deploy the vehicle. So from the stock show in Houston, it was driven into the chaotic city of Arlington.

  • In August 2012, Conquest, one of the top manufacturers of luxury armored vehicles, revealed the newest Evade SUV, which carries the ever-reliable Ford F-550 chassis. The luxury automaker partnered with Magus Cars Ltd, an Indian-based car dealer, with the plans of bringing the model as India's most expensive Evade model at 85 million Indian rupees.

Ford F-550 Articles

  • Ford F-550 Problems

    Part of Ford's best-selling pickup line-the F-Series-the Ford F-550 is a known and reliable pickup truck that can be used both as a family vehicle or a loading automobile. However, the vehicle's sturdy chassis and equally good reputation do not keep it safe from common problems. Following are some of these issues that have been reported in the past.

    Fuel system

    One of the most common problems of the Ford F-550 reported in the past is fuel tank delamination. This takes place when the fuel causes the linings inside the fuel tank to delaminate. The removed particles are mixed with the fuel and contaminate the engine components it passes through. When fuel tank delamination is detected, it is advised to replace the tank with a new, durable, and steel one.

    Exhaust system

    The Ford F-550 is known to do rigorous activities. This makes the exhaust system one of the most vulnerable Ford F-550 parts. There have been reports in the past where the diesel filter in the exhaust system suffered high temperature. This is caused by excessive hydrocarbons in the exhaust pipe. It resulted in rough runs, unusual engine noises, and visible flames coming from the tailpipe. In 2007, Ford did a recall on this problem where the power train control module was reprogrammed to prevent hydrocarbon buildup.


    A common problem with all vehicles in general is deteriorating tire valves. This is especially ordinary on the Ford F-550 model, which is very much utilized for various purposes. Because of the activity of the truck, its wheels often get hot. The valves are then affected, causing air leak in the long run. Bad tire valves will pave way for regular air refilling which will damage the valve even more. This will also damage the tire itself if the problem continues. A good solution for this issue is replacing the valve as soon as damage or leak is discovered.

    Suspension system

    For a pickup truck, suspension is very important because of the weight of the body and the load it carries. This fact is also the reason why the suspension components of the Ford F-550 are usual venues for problems. A common suspension problem is with the stabilizer bars. The stabilizer bars often break because of stress when cornering. This results in bad handling and shaky drives.