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Ford F-550 Super Duty Mirror

Working Around Ford F-550 Super Duty Mirror Problems

Your electric Ford F-550 Super Duty mirror is more than just an ordinary mirror. Its heavy-duty construction can withstand damaging outside elements, and it is electrically powered for easier adjustment. But no matter how tough and advanced your Ford's mirror is, it will eventually malfunction and probably even jeopardize your safety on the road. If your electric mirror is in bad shape, you might as well take some time off to check on it right away before it completely breaks down. Below are the possible causes of malfunctioning Ford F-550 Super Duty electric mirrors:

Blown mirror fuse and loose electrical connectors

The electric mirror on your Ford F-550 Super Duty truck relies on a properly working fuse and tightly attached electrical connectors to adjust its position according to your desired angle easily. If the mirror's not moving each time you press its power switch, then the problem may lie in the fuse and connectors. You need to remove the box cover from your Ford's fuse block in order to have a good look at the circuit's main fuse. If it's blown, there's no other solution to this problem but to replace it. Blown fuses won't work no matter how much you try to repair them, so save yourself the trouble and get a new fuse. To check on loose electrical connectors, remove the mirror from its bracket and lightly tug on the connector. If the connector seems to come off or detach itself from the mirror, you simply have to reconnect the mirror and secure any loose connector properly.

Zero voltage and faulty wiring

Voltage and wiring problems may also prevent the mirror from being adjusted. You need the help of a test light to properly diagnose this problem. The test light will be able to check and monitor incoming voltage at the wires connected to the mirror's motor. Zero voltage means you have faulty wires. Check on the wires to see if there's a break or short in them and replace these faulty wires right away. If voltage is not a problem, then you need to replace the entire mirror assembly.

  • Maintenance Tips for Your Ford F-550 Super Duty Mirror

    Overall car maintenance shouldn't be limited to just the windows, body paint, and interior. Even the small parts, like your car mirrors, need to be given proper care and attention at all times. When was the last time you actually checked on the condition of your Ford F-550 Super Duty mirror? You probably only remember to check on this part when you notice it's out of its proper position and alignment, but you don't really give enough time or exert effort in maintaining it regularly. Practicing proper car mirror maintenance is also a must if you want to enjoy better visibility on the road, as a clean mirror can give you a clearer view of your surroundings while driving. We've come up with a few tips to help you keep your Ford F-550 Super Duty mirror in tiptop shape.

    • Regularly inspect the entire mirror assembly for damage.
    • Inspect the condition of the entire mirror assembly once or twice a week to check for signs of damage. The side-view mirrors are particularly vulnerable to damage given their location, so you may need to pay more attention to them when doing your routine inspection. Check the housing, mirror glass, and plastic stem for cracks or scratches. You also need to check regularly whether your rear-view mirror is attached securely to its plastic stem or base, as this may block your vision or give you trouble when it becomes detached from the windshield while you're driving.
    • Apply the right cleaning solutions.
    • While rain and humidity may serve as natural cleaning agents and remove dirt easily, you also need to clean your Ford F-550 Super Duty mirrors regularly with the right cleaning solutions. Spraying the mirrors with mild glass cleaner and wiping it dry with a lint-free soft rag can help remove dirt and debris. Choose an alcohol- and ammonia-free cleaner to avoid damaging the mirrors. You may also use compound wax to get rid of hardened spots on the mirror. To avoid scratching the mirror while cleaning, use a microfiber towel or other non-abrasive fabrics.