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Ford F150 Catalytic Converter

Car maintenance really matters. It doesn't only keep your car or truck running better, but also upholds the high resale value of the vehicle. Aside from that, regular maintenance also adds the life and service years of the vehicle and help save repair and replacement costs. Vehicle maintenance is truly helpful especially if you plan to hang onto your vehicle for a while. For so many reasons, your Ford F-150 should always be maintained and taken cared of properly.

One of the parts of your Ford F-150 that needs to be checked regularly is your Ford F-150 catalytic converter. It is an emissions-control device that's responsible for cleaning up a gasoline-powered engine's exhaust. Located in the exhaust system, the catalytic converter looks like a muffler and it possess an outer shell that's made up of stainless steel material. When exhaust gases comes out of the engine, they flow through one or more catalytic converters. In the catalytic converter, the unburned hydrocarbons and other byproducts of the engine's combustion process are transformed into less hazardous emissions.

The interior parts of the catalytic converter are pellets or a honeycomb composed of platinum or palladium. This platinum or palladium serves as the catalyst or substance that makes chemical process faster. Simply put, catalytic converter can be considered as an engine of its own. It utilizes fuel and oxygen to "light off" its internal catalyst, which uses a large part of the gases that flows through the catalytic converter. As the catalytic converter starts to clean the exhaust, heat is generated. And the dirtier the exhaust, the harder the catalytic converter works and the more heat is produced. If your Ford F-150 catalytic converter has to work this hard just to clean the exhaust, it will surely destroy itself in the long run.

Catalytic converters, including Ford F-150 catalytic converter, do not really necessitate maintenance of their own. Their long-term existence is usually dependent on the way you take care and maintain your vehicle. It is illegal to remove or replace a catalytic converter that's not working well, particularly if the vehicle will be used on public roads. However, if your Ford F-150 catalytic converter is no longer in good working condition, better replace it with a new unit. Your factory-installed Ford F-150 catalytic converter can be replaced with a high-flow unit that's less restrictive. Through this, back pressure will be minimized and the vehicle's gas mileage as well as its performance will improve

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