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Ford F-150 Skid Plate

Reasons behind Ford F-150 Skid Plate Issues

Built with tough abrasion-resistant material, your Ford F-150's skid plate can withstand damage subjected to the car's underside. It protects your pickup truck from rocks, stumps, and curbs without adding much weight. Despite being engineered to take in a considerable amount of damage, your auto's skid plate is still susceptible to wear and tear. If you think that your car's skid plate is no longer serving its function well, then better check your vehicle and perform some troubleshooting. Listed below are just some of the common issues encountered with a Ford F-150 skid plate and the reasons behind them.

A sudden rattling and buzzing noise

More often than not, a sudden rattling and buzzing noise on your Ford F-150 is the result of a faulty exhaust system. Most drivers fail to check the car's skid plate for troubleshooting. You see, a skid plate tends to vibrate if it wasn't properly installed. If you want to get rid of the skid plate's rattle, try remounting the part with rubber bushings. These bushings between the frame and plate should eliminate the noise. In addition, it is also a good idea to apply silicon tape to the area where the front brackets mount to the car frame.

Dents and scratches

Your off-road vehicle is built tough and more resistant to rough terrain. Equipping a skid plate should give your auto an additional defense against rocks and puncture that may damage the car's oil system. You see, scratches are actually normal. But if you noticed a considerably large dent or a glaring scratch on your skid plate, then find a replacement immediately. You see, the dents and scratches may have been caused by a loose skid plate. A loose skid plate is more susceptible to damage since it dangles from the car's frame. In order to help ward off plate-damaging road elements, make sure to secure them firmly and properly.

Fluid leak under the skid plate

Your auto's skid plate may not be necessarily damaged, but other malfunctioning parts can show defects through the steel part. You might find some fluid leaking under the skid plate. If this is the case, you might need to inspect several parts of your auto. Several fluid types may leak under the plate like oil, coolant fluid, and transmission fluid. Check the corresponding part for the type of leaks. For instance, a pinkish fluid should indicate that the problem is located in the coolant system, and an oil leak should indicate that something is wrong with the oil pan.

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