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Ford Fan Blade

The Ford fan blade is a small but important component in the efficient system that keeps your engine operating at a safe temperature. The engine cooling system is crucial to the operation of your vehicle, allowing the engine to function at a temperature warm enough to keep the oil warm and flowing freely to lubricate its moving parts, but cool enough to prevent its intense heat from destroying critical engine parts. This delicate balance of engine temperature is maintained by an efficient process that uses a liquid coolant in cooperation with a cooling flow of air, often provided by the Ford fan blade, to dissipate the heat produced by engine combustion. The liquid coolant is circulated through the engine under pressure provided by the water pump, collecting heat from the interior of the engine, and then passed through the cooling system to the radiator to dissipate the heat. The radiator uses a network of cooling fins to remove the heat from the liquid coolant, passing it through this winding path as a flow of cool air blows through the radiator to carry the heat away. The rotation of the Ford fan blade helps to ensure a good supply of air, drawing it in through the radiator and grille when the motion of the vehicle is not producing a sufficient flow for efficient cooling. The Ford fan blade can be powered by and electric motor, which is most common, or a belt and pulley system common to older model vehicles. You will find a selection of quality Ford fan blade replacements at very affordable prices in our online catalog. Our site is secure and our customer service is excellent, making it safe and convenient to order your Ford fan blade whether you use our efficient site or our toll-free phone line.