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Ford Freestar Door Handle

Common Ford Freestar Door Handle Issues

A broken door handle on your Ford Freestar would surely ruin your day. You can't get in easily when you're in a hurry and you might get some funny looks from the police when you try to get in by other means. Problems with car door handles are quite common, so you're not alone when it comes to this problem and there's bound to be a solution to troubleshooting your vehicle's issues. Go through our short guide and you'll be able to narrow down problems with your Ford Freestar door handle and get it fixed ASAP.

Frozen door handles

Depending on where you live, freezing temperatures can actually cause your door handles to get stuck and bar you from getting in your vehicle. If you live in an area with such a climate, then it's best to pack some de-icer so that it could thaw out your handles. In case you're stuck outside without anyway of de-icing your door handles, then you might want to try the passenger and side doors of your Freestar and attempt to get in that way. Start your engine and the heat from your vehicle should thaw out your stubborn door handle.

Broken handles

Plastic door handles would often snap when it's already terribly worn out. You could try reattaching your door handle using super glue, but it's bound to break again after a while. The best solution to this problem would be to simply purchase a replacement handle and install it yourself. You'll need to remove your vehicle's door panel and remove the handle assembly from its mount. From there, you'll simply have to replace the door handle and assemble everything back together in reverse.

Door latch problems

If your vehicle's door handle looks okay but you still can't seem to open it, then you might have a problem with your door latch. Open your car door and check if the latch is rotating properly downward. Lift your door handle upward and check if the latch will move to the close position. If it is, then have someone help you out and hold the door handle open while you use a screwdriver to push the latch until it moves properly downward. If this doesn't solve the problem, then you might have a broken latch that'll need to be serviced by a mechanic instead.

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  • Tips on Maintaining Your Ford Freestar Door Handle

    Maintaining a minivan like the Ford Freestar is no easy task, but you have to stick to a regular service schedule if you want it running like new for a long time to come. One of the small things that you could do to lengthen your vehicle's service life would be to take care of its door handles. Broken door handles can be a pain to deal with, and would often involve some embarrassing situations where you try to get inside your minivan through some other means. You'd also want a scratch-free Ford Freestar door handle, as you'd probably nick it a few times when you're fumbling with your vehicle's keys. Check out our short list of tips below and you'll be taking care of your door handles like a pro in no time at all.

    Clean your door handles with ordinary dish soap.

    Cleaning your vehicle's door handles while you're having a car wash is probably the easiest thing that you could do to take care of them. Dirt and grime could accumulate on the handles, which could scratch and ruin the paint job over time. Make sure that you dry them properly after you wash them as moisture could seep into the handles and corrode internal metal parts.

    Polish your door handles after a car wash.

    You can easily preserve your van's paint job by applying some polishing compound or car wax after going through a full wash. Make sure that you apply some on your door handles as well, so you can keep them from getting scratched easily. Polish the handles as well as the areas around in a steady circular motion so you can apply a complete coverage.

    Lubricate the internal parts of your door handles.

    If you have the time, then you might want to open your door panels so you could apply some grease on your door handles. You'll have to remove a couple of things from the panels, but once you reach the cables controlling your door handle, then all you'll need to do would be to apply a small amount of lubricant on the cables and hinges. This will make sure that handles would work smoothly all the time.