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Ford Freestyle Fog Light

Diagnosing the Most Common Ford Freestyle Fog Light Issues

Aside from your headlights, you also need the aid of your Ford Freestyle fog light when you're driving at night or during worst weather conditions. The fog light is an essential component that provides you safety. But if you think that they are starting to show some defects, don't risk. Troubleshoot the problem first to determine the right way to fix it.


Dimming is caused by two things: first, hazy or cloudy fog light lenses. Try to look at the plastic or glass fog light covers on your car. If there is a visible white film on the surface of the lens, then it is confirmed-oxidation is the reason why the light beams are faint. Second reason is bulbs that are slowly dying out. When the light beams are starting to look pale, it indicates that the bulbs will soon get busted. What you should do is to observe the filaments of the bulbs while they are on. If they look burnt and black, expect your bulbs to die really soon. Replace them immediately to keep your fog lights working.

No Power

When your fog lights don't light up, you should check the fuse immediately. A blown fuse affects not just one but all of the light bulbs in the fog light assembly. To assess the fuse, you need to open the fuse box, which is located under the dashboard. Use a voltmeter to check if there's power flowing through the fuse. Place the black end of the wire on any metal part in the vehicle such as a bolt. Put the red wire on the fog light fuse. If you get any voltage reading, it means that the fuse is not busted. You should move on to next diagnostic test to find the real cause of the problem.

Wire problems

You've already checked the bulbs and the fuse, and you have confirmed that they are both working fine. However, the fog lights still don't work. This time, you must check the wires and the wiring harness. Corroded wires impede the flow of electricity. This could be the reason why the bulbs don't work. Inspect the wires visually to see the signs of rust. Also, examine the wire connections. Make sure that the cables are tightly attached to the harness.

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  • How to Take Good Care of your Ford Freestyle Fog Light

    If you value your safety, as well as your passengers', you must know how to take care of your Ford Freestyle fog light. This component helps prevent serious vehicular accidents by aiding your vision when driving on snowy days. But if the fog light is not working properly, how can it protect you from the dangers on the road? To remove these worries from your mind, allot some of your time and effort to maintain your fog lights. Here are some very useful tips. Follow them strictly to prolong the service life of your light fixture.

    Make cleaning a habit.

    Fog lights are located at the lower part of the bumper. Because of this, they are constantly exposed to dirt, mud, rocks, and dust. These elements can cause severe and lasting physical damage on your fog light assembly. That's why it is necessary to take them away as soon as possible. The longer they stay on the lights, the harder they become to remove.

    Inspect the electrical circuit regularly.

    The efficiency of your fog lights greatly depends on the supply of electricity within the wires, sockets, and switch. When any of these components is broken, your fog lights won't work no matter what you do. To prevent severe defects, prevention is the key. Through regular inspection, you'll be able to determine right away if the electrical unit requires repair. Do this once a month to keep track of your fog light's condition.

    Remove corrosion, and stop it from coming back.

    Bulb sockets, wires, bolts, and screws are all prone to corrosion. To prevent rust, make sure that the lens cover is shut tightly. This will prevent water from getting inside the fog lights. Also, you must remove rust before they start to build up. Do this by scrubbing them off using a steel brush. To inhibit future corrosion, coat the sockets and wires with dielectric grease.

    Angle your fog lights correctly.

    Dim fog lights are not always caused by faulty electrical circuit. It can also happen when your fog lights are not adjusted properly. When tuning the fog lights, always remember that their light beams must be sitting four inches below the beams of your headlights. This will help you achieve the required illumination to see the road clearly.