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Ford Fuel Injector

Ford fuel injectors are important components in the fuel delivery system of your vehicle. Mounted on the intake manifold of the engine, Ford fuel injectors are vital to the smooth and efficient operation of your engine, providing a precisely calculated supply of fuel for the combustion process. Ford fuel injectors spray this fuel directly into the intake valves of the engine with a tiny and precisely engineered injector tip. The amount of fuel delivered by the Ford fuel injectors is carefully calculated and constantly adjusted by the vehicle computer in order to provide the delicate balance of air and fuel that is necessary for a clean burn of fuel, producing the most efficient performance and power output from the engine. Ford fuel injectors are very reliable, performing their crucial function well for many long miles in a well-maintained vehicle, but the neglect of routine maintenance, such as the timely replacement of the fuel filter, can cause their performance to suffer. If the Ford fuel injectors become dirty or one or more become clogged, the fuel and air mixture needed by the engine can be thrown off balance, leading to performance problems in the vehicle. Some of these problems can include hard starting, poor fuel economy, rough running or idling, hesitation with acceleration, and excess exhaust emissions. If you have seen these symptoms in your vehicle, you will find a selection of quality replacements for your Ford fuel injectors in our user-friendly online catalog. You will be pleasantly surprised with the great prices and excellent customer service you will find when placing your Ford fuel injectors order, whether you use our secure site or out toll-free phone line.