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Ford Grille Assembly

The balance in style and performance is still the best formula for an auto manufacturer to create a successful vehicle. That's why many vehicles are equipped with a variety of parts, each functioning either to provide functionality or give the car an artistic look. The performance of parts like engines, transmissions, suspensions, and various other mechanical parts usually define the performance of the entire vehicle. The quality and stylishness of the body panels, body accessories and other accessories, on the other hand, dictates how the vehicle would fare to the general car buyer. But aside from these parts, there are auto parts that serve both purposes. Among these parts are the grilles.

The grille, or grill, refers to the opening in the front end of a vehicle's bodywork that allows air to enter into the radiator and help cool the engine. Due to this purpose, the grille is often called the radiator grille or the radiator air inlet. The radiator grille is further connected to the shroud of the radiator that prevents air from escaping around the radiator. Not all grilles, however, functions to allow air into the radiator, nor are they found only at the front of the vehicle. Some vehicles have grilles located below the front bumper, in front of the wheels, and functions to cool the brakes, while rear engine vehicles have the grilles located on the rear deck lid.

Aside from this performance function, grilles also serve as a unique styling element for most vehicles. Most auto manufacturers would attach their company logos near the grille or even as a part of the grille inserts. Other auto manufacturers would even trademark specific grille patterns so that it would give their vehicles a distinctive look. For this aesthetic reason, grilles are also the part that most custom vehicle manufacturers tinker with.

The Ford Motor Company integrates both functionality and style in their grille designs. Since most Ford vehicles have engines mounted under the hood, Ford grilles are often found on the front end of Ford vehicles and designed in such a way to allow a big amount of air into the radiator. Ford grilles also are stylishly designed, often with the Ford logo in it, to give the vehicle an elegant, distinctive and authentic Ford look.

Aside from the genuine Ford grilles, however, are various aftermarket and custom grilles that you can install on your vehicles to give them a custom and more distinctive look. Custom grilles often come in billet or chrome finish to give your vehicle a more luxurious look. Some custom vehicle designers would oft for a more uniform look and paint the grilles and grille inserts with body color paint.

  • Closer Look at Ford Grille Assembly 11 October 2012

    The Ford grille is important protection for the many delicate parts under the hood of your vehicle, shielding the open area at the front of the engine compartment. This open area is necessary to provide a flow of air into the engine compartment that is needed by the engine for both cooling and the combustion process. This area, right at the front of the vehicle, is vulnerable to the rocks and debris of the road, often struck by such items as the tires of the vehicles passing by on the road toss them about. The vehicle radiator, essential to the engine cooling system, would be very vulnerable to damage without the protection of the Ford grille to shield its delicate cooling fins from the impact of rocks and debris. The Ford grille is built to stand up to the impact of these items, providing sturdy and durable protection to the many moving parts in the engine compartment as you travel. The abuse inflicted by these items and the elements will cause the condition of the Ford grille to deteriorate over time, chipping away at the finish to leave the Ford grille vulnerable to corrosion. If corrosion begins to take its toll on the Ford grille, it can become quite damaged and discolored, spoiling the appearance of your vehicle, or it may become loosened, its mounting affected by rust. If your Ford grille has become weakened by corrosion, replacement is necessary to keep the vital parts of the vehicle protected. You will find a selection of Ford grille replacements in our online catalog, both standard and custom. Our great prices and expert customer service will make ordering your Ford grille replacement fast and easy on our secure site or our toll-free phone line.