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Ford Headlight

Safety has never been so important for vehicle buyers in the past than it is now. When selecting the vehicle of their choice, especially one intended for family driving, car buyers would often check if the vehicle has sufficient safety equipments. But while buyers would carefully search for each safety gadget that would offer restraint and protection during collisions, such as seat belt pretensioners, air bags and air curtains, most would overlook the safety guards that will help them avoid such collisions. These safety equipments include the various lights mounted on your vehicle, including the4 headlights.

Headlights, or headlamps, are auto lights that are often mounted to the front of your vehicle. The primary purpose of the head light is to illuminate the road during low visibility conditions, such as nights or fogs. With this purpose, the headlights are essential in keeping you safe from most accidents and collisions.

There are a variety of headlamps available for a vehicle, either mounted originally on your vehicle or sold on various aftermarket parts dealers. In North America, most headlights are of the sealed beam construction type. In this type of headlamp, the filament (or bulb), reflector and lens are fused together in a single, airtight unit. In European countries, sealed beam headlights are not allowed, and standard on most vehicles instead are the H4 halogen incandescent light bulbs. Other countries would also require daytime running headlights (DRLs) that provide low-bean headlights during the day and high-beam headlights at night.

Most new Ford vehicles come standard with automatic Ford headlights. This type of headlights automatically shifts light from low-beam to high-beam, depending on the lighting conditions at the moment you are driving your car. These headlights have integrated photo sensors that determine when to shift from low-beam to high-beam. The same specifications stand for most genuine replacement Ford headlamps, which are designed to function well with your vehicle and the electronic system it is equipped with.

Aside from the original Ford headlights, there are also various other aftermarket headlights that you can use to replace a damaged headlamp. Most of these headlights come in a variety of functional and artistic designs, like the Altezza headlights, Euro headlights, dual-beam headlamps and directional headlamps. An easy step in replacing your stock headlights with new aftermarket headlamps is to install one that is of the same type as the originalsealed beam to sealed beam, HID lamps to HID lamps. But if you have other things in mind, or if you want to increase or decrease the capacity of your ford headlamps, you can have other specifications for your headlights, but be sure to install it with the help of a professional.

  • Closer Look at Ford Headlight

    Checking the condition of your Ford headlight from to time to time is a good practice, giving you the chance to find a problem before it finds you on a dark road at night. Your Ford headlight can dim over time, the lens contaminated by moisture or scuffed and scratched from wear. The Ford headlight often becomes dimmer when the bulb is growing weak, on the verge of failure. A dim Ford headlight may not pose too much of a problem on a city street, with an abundance of streetlights to illuminate your path, but venturing out to the dark rural roads with a weak Ford headlight beam can present quite a challenge. Driving in poor weather conditions with a Ford headlight that is not up to par can be quite hazardous. In a heavy downpour of rain or wind driven snow, you need all the visibility you can get, allowing you plenty of reaction time on the wet or slippery roads to avoid hazards. Finding a failed or dim Ford headlight is much safer in your driveway than discovering it the hard way in these types of conditions, struggling to see the road ahead. If you find that your Ford headlight requires replacement, changing it is quite simple for even the least mechanically inclined. In most late model vehicles, it is just the simple change of a bulb. In vehicles that use the sealed beam Ford headlight the process is slightly more difficult, requiring the replacement of the entire unit. We carry a selection of Ford headlight replacements in our online catalog, all at great low prices. Our secure site makes ordering your Ford headlight fast and easy or our toll-free phone line is just as convenient with our expert customer service to help you with your order.