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Ford Hood

One can find a lot of similarities between the doors and the hood of a vehicle. While these two vehicle components are mounted on different areas within the vehicle, both body panel parts shares the same qualities and functions. Both the hood and the doors are made from a single sheet metal material, has the same body colors and has a style that is coordinated to give the vehicle a smooth and sleek look. Further, both the doors and the hood provide access to the other parts of a vehicle.

Often, people would consider the hood of a vehicle as its other door aside from the doors that provides access to the vehicle's interior. The hood is basically your gateway to gain access to the various vital parts of your vehicle, most especially the vehicle's engine. And just as the doors of your vehicle must be rigid and tough to protect the passengers inside the vehicle, so should your vehicle hood be tough and rigid to protect the engine and the other parts essential in the proper functioning of your vehicle.

The hood of your vehicle is composed principally of two parts: the outer panel and the inner panel. The outer panel is basically a sheet metal cover that provides style and elegance to your vehicle. It is usually painted with the same color as the other body panels of your vehicle to provide a uniformed look. The inner panel, on the other hand, is responsible for giving your hood the strength it needs to protect the engine and mechanical parts. It is usually made up of crisscrossing braces that serves as the basic structure or frame of the hood.

Ford hoods are designed in such a way that they would provide the protection needed by the various vital components of Ford vehicles. Aside from these, the aesthetic design of Ford hoods are made in such a way that it would complement the over-all design of the vehicle. These original Ford hoods can be found on new Ford vehicles or on various authorized Ford auto parts dealers as replacements.

Aside from the original Ford hoods, one can also find aftermarket Ford hoods that one can use as replacements. There are also custom Ford hoods that you can install on your Ford vehicle to give it a distinct appearance. These aftermarket and custom Ford hoods usually come in various designs, in clear or body color finish, and with a lot of accessories like genuine and styling hood scoops.