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Ford Knock Sensor

Your Ford knock sensor is an important part of the system of sensors that keeps the main computer of your vehicle informed about conditions throughout your vehicle that affect its performance and efficiency. As indicated by its name, your Ford knock sensor monitors the engine for the specific vibrations that are created by knocking or pinging. When the Ford knock sensor detects engine ping or knock, it sends a signal to the main computer, which then proceeds to adjust the ignition timing to eliminate the knock. Engine knock or ping is often caused by the fuel detonating instead of burning, and that is because the most efficient burn takes place just below the point of detonation, a point that can be missed if the ignition timing is even just the slightest bit off. Keeping the timing correct is important because if the fuel is burning too early or detonating, damage can occur to the sensitive parts of your combustion system, such as your pistons. Therefore, if your Ford knock sensor is showing signs of starting to move towards failure, it is a good idea to go ahead and replace it, as - like all of your sensors - your Ford knock sensor serves to protect parts in your vehicle that will be much more expensive and time consuming to repair or replace. Our online catalog features a broad range of aftermarket parts and accessories, and you'll easily find the right Ford knock sensor replacement for your vehicle at an affordable price. You can use our online ordering system without worry, our up-to-date encryption will keep your personal information safe, but if you would rather order your Ford knock sensor by telephone, we have a toll-free number that will connect you to our professional customer service staff.