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Ford Mustang Brake Booster

Ford Mustang Brake Booster: Some Reminders to Maintain Its Maximum Boosting Capabilities

Your Ford Mustang's brake booster makes braking easier for you so your legs won't get too tired after a long drive. The booster uses vacuum from the engine to increase the force your foot applies to the brake system's master cylinder. However, because of frequent use, it will eventually show symptoms of old age and malfunction. Here's a list of helpful reminders to ensure that your car's brake booster will work at an optimum level each time you drive.

  • Inspect the brake booster when there's already a symptom.
  • Since the braking system of your car is critical for your safe driving, it is important to check its parts including the brake booster. When you feel that the brake pedal is getting hard, and you need to exert more force, then this is a sign that the brake booster might have a problem. You should check if the booster diaphragm has developed punctures that may cause it to malfunction.

  • Clean the brake booster properly.
  • If you need to clean and remove your brake booster, it can be easily done in your garage with the right set of tools. However, since it is connected with the other parts of the brake system, it should be removed in the right manner. The master cylinder has to come off since it is the part that interacts with the brake booster. Another part that needs to be removed is the vacuum supply hose. The brake pedal has to be detached as well, so that the mounting bolts of the firewall can be placed in the right position.

  • Use the right tools when cleaning the brake booster.
  • When you clean the brake booster of your vehicle, be sure to wash its parts carefully. Remember that you have to degrease them first. Also, the right cleaning tools you'll need are wire brush and scotchbrite.

  • Protect the brake booster by painting it.
  • Painting the brake booster is one way of keeping it free from dirt. However, you should use the most effective type of paint because brake fluid can remove paint effectively. Re-plating is another way of protecting the booster. Although it is more expensive, it is more durable than just painting it.

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