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Ford Mustang Bumpers

Reasons Behind Common Ford Mustang Bumpers Problems

Having a good, well-maintained car bumper is like having a smooth face when you enter the room; it is the first thing that people will notice. However, like our faces, bumpers are not always at their best form. Listed below are some common problems with Ford Mustang Bumpers as well as ways on how you can go about them.

Bumpers that sag

It may be because of an accident or wearing out, but drivers often find themselves with a sagging bumper. This is not only visually unattractive but it is dangerous as well.

There are three ways to confront this problem. First, the market offers external fasteners that secure the bumper back to the assembly. However, fasteners are considered to be band-aid solutions to the problem because there may be a reason for the bumper to sag. The second way is to re-tighten the bumper assembly; there is a chance that the bolts just became loose. And third, you can replace the bumper. Though it is the more expensive option, you should consider that keeping a worn-out bumper installed is not a good decision to make financially and visually.

Bumpers that shake

The case of loose bumpers may occur after a DIY task on the assembly (possibly after repainting the bumper or working on the headlight assembly). Minor wiggles are common at high RPMs, but shakes at normal driving speeds are definitely things that need to be fixed. You should check the bolts that hold the bumper in place. After a DIY task that required you to remove the bumper, there is a chance that you torqued the bolts too loosely; a simple tightening would be enough. If there are still shakes after doing so, then it may be time to get a new bumper.

Scratched bumpers

There is always a risk of having your car's bumper scratched, no matter how careful you are when it comes to driving. A heavy traffic, a speeding vehicle, a drunk driver, or a rowdy driver can damage the perfectness of your bumper's paint and finish. There isn't actually a way to completely avoid having the bumpers scratched.

For small scratches, a simple repaint would be enough. Just make sure that you get the right color of your car (you can check your manual for this), and that you apply the paint AFTER cleaning and drying the surface. For large bumper scratches or dents, it is advisable to go to service centers.

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  • Keeping Your Ford Mustang Bumpers in Top Shape

    How can you ensure that your Ford Mustang would keep on getting attention when it enters the highway? Keep your Ford Mustang bumper in top shape. A well-maintained bumper is not only visually attractive, but it ensures a sturdier front ready for any unwanted collisions. We listed below some simple ways to keep your car's bumper in top shape.

    Drive cautiously

    Although bumper problems are not always caused by you (thanks to other crazy drivers on the streets), the least you could do is remove the "you carelessly driving" choice from the possible reasons of bumper problems. If you can, avoid heavy traffic; go to work earlier than usual or take the wider roads.

    Park carefully

    Avoid parking at spaces that is bound to be surrounded by other cars. You can always go for the corner spots or those with more space allowances for other cars. This would lessen the chances of having other cars ram your bumper when they park or having you bump to the car parked next to yours.

    Also, if you can, avoid parking on the street. Parking outdoors means a higher chance for cars to hit the bumper or just be close enough to scratch the surface.

    Remove the car bumper sticker properly

    We're not going to blame you, having car bumper stickers makes your car look interesting (well, possibly not a hundred stickers). But after some time, the stickers need to be removed because you need a repaint or Tweety Bird just isn't cool enough anymore.

    To properly remove a bumper sticker, you should heat it first to soften the glue. Using a razor blade scraper and denatured alcohol would also help get the job done better. But remember not to use too much force with the scraper or too much alcohol to avoid damaging the bumper.

    Repaint properly

    Given that damaging your car's bumpers is not something only you can do, you could at least make sure that you solve the problem properly. Remember: proper sanding, grinding, sculpting, and painting would not only make sure that repaint would last longer but it prevents bubbles or embossed surfaces.