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Ford Mustang Car Bra

Ford Mustang Car Bra Simple Problems and Quick Fixes

Your Ford Mustang is like a girlfriend you like to show off. However, like your girlfriend you have to take care of your beloved vehicle and make sure she always has her best face forward. You can only do so much for your girlfriend, but for your muscle car you can do better: give it a Ford Mustang car bra to serve as a protector and at the same time a striking first impression. Having a car bra has its issues though, most of which can be easily fixed. Here are some of them:


As a muscle car, the Ford Mustang is expected to be able to take any weather. In reality, all you want to do is keep your baby in pristine condition and getting it wet in the rain or worse, puddles makes you sad. Having its pretty nose covered in wet muck devastates you. Most car bras are made of vinyl, however, there are also car bras made of leather. Either way, the best thing to do is have them cleaned as soon as possible. Don't leave it on the vehicle when you clean it. To make sure no moisture gets left behind, remove the car bra, wash it warm water and detergent then leave it off until completely dry.

Two-toned Ford Mustang

This is an issue that can have easily been avoided if the car bra was not left on the car for more than three weeks. The paint under the car bra is kept in great condition while paint on the rest of the car fades because of the sun. Try to let your car bra rest and remove at least weekly when you wash your car. When the damage is done, there is nothing else to do but have the vehicle repainted.

Won't fit

Car bras are made to fit snugly into specific vehicles. If you think you have the right car bra then all you need to do is leave the car bra under the sun for about 30 minutes to let it soften. The heat makes the car bras more pliable and should be easier to install after its sunbathing.

Flaps around

If left unattended, this issue can cause more damage than the rocks on the road. Remedy this as soon as possible by adjusting the car bra, smoothen it out and make sure that the fabric is pulled tightly around the edges of the hood.

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  • Caring For Your Ford Mustang Car Bra

    Any woman would tell you how much effort it takes to look great. Fortunately for you, the same can be said for your Ford Mustang. Keeping its nose clean is even harder as your muscle car is made for rough riding. This is where the black vinyl miracle called the Ford Mustang car bra comes in. Aside from giving your Mustang a more bad- ass look, the car also protects its face from scratches caused by bugs, debris and angry girlfriend's nails. But for the for car bra to work properly, it needs be taken care of and be well maintained. Here are some tips:

    Get it ready

    Before installing the car bra, allow it to rest in the sun for at least 30 minutes. Use this free time to clean and wax your car, especially the front end. In addition, to allowing the sun to work on your car bra, it would also help if you install the car bra in warmer temperatures. The heat will make the vinyl fabric to stretch effortlessly making the installation quite easy.

    It flaps, you stop

    If you notice that the car bra flaps as you drive, stop the vehicle and adjust the car bra immediately. Allowing the car bra to flap against your car paint will damage it more than the rocks on the road. This is a common issue that car owners complain about: the car bras ruin their car paint instead of protecting it.

    Keep it dry

    After driving in the rain, make sure you remove the car bra when you get home. Although most car bras have breathable vinyl fabric that claims to dry as you drive, removing the car bra will make sure no moisture gets trapped between the car bra and the hood.

    Keep it clean

    It goes without saying that keeping the car bra clean is a must. Even miniscule debris and dirt can cause damage to you vehicle when left between the car bra and the hood. Most car owners make the mistake of washing the vehicle with the car bra on. This not only allows moisture and dirt to get trapped but also weakens the car bra itself. Wash the car and the car bra separately. Wash the car bra with warm water and liquid dish soap. Let it dry completely before putting it back on your car.