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Ford Mustang Column Clock Spring

Three Symptoms of a Ford Mustang Column Clock Spring Problem

Your Ford Mustang's steering wheel is made up of smaller components that allow it to move according to the direction you choose. Sometimes, these parts become damaged that the steering wheel becomes stubborn to maneuver. One of these components is the Ford Mustang column clock spring, a coil of electric conductor tape that loops as the steering wheel rotates. Sometimes the column clock spring may become damaged, leaving you with some of the bothersome symptoms listed below:

Grinding sound on the steering wheel

Noise coming from the steering wheel could be due to a number of reasons. Low power steering fluid and worn wheel bearings are the most common culprits behind the steering wheel noise. However, if you've already ruled out those problems, and you still hear a grinding sound on your steering wheel, you need to check out your car's column clock spring. Since the clock spring is often subjected to pressure while it coils and uncoils, it is likely to break during operation. When it does, a piece of the spring could become stuck between the other shifting parts in your vehicle, and that's where the grinding noise usually comes from. Unfortunately, you can no longer repair the clock spring once it breaks, but you can replace it with a new one.

Horn and cruise control have stopped working

A bad fuse is often the reason why your car's horn and cruise control don't work. However, it is also possible that the column clock spring has become damaged. A part of the clock spring may have become stuck or broken. Replace it with a new one to restore the horn and cruise control functions of your vehicle.

Air bag light turns on

If your car's airbag light remains on, that's often an indication of a column clock spring failure. The clock spring is connected to your vehicle's airbag deployment system. If the spring malfunctions, the airbag light on your dashboard will remain on. You need to remove the airbag first in order to gain access to the clock spring. Since the spring is a very delicate piece of coil, there's no way that you can salvage it. Take the old piece out and fit a new one.

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