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Ford Mustang Cylinder Head Gasket Set

Identifying Ford Mustang Cylinder Head Gasket Set Issues

So you drive a Ford Mustang. Aren't you just luckiest person on the planet? Everywhere you drive, people can't help but stare. Keep them staring for the right reasons and avoid embarrassing cylinder head gasket troubles. Bad head cylinder head gasket causes coolant leaks and overheating that could ultimately ruin your engine. Here are some issues to that could result in you buying a new Ford Mustang cylinder head gasket set.

Decreased coolant

One way to tell if you have a cracked or blown head gasket is the sudden decrease of coolants in your engine. Coolants are not gas that needs to be refilled every now and then. When you notice a significant decrease in your coolants, it means you have a leak. Check for visible puddles of coolants under you vehicle. Although coolant leaks can be caused by a lot of factors, the first thing you should look for is a cracked cylinder head gasket.

Dirty oil

Another way to tell if you have cylinder head gasket issue is having dirty oil in the engine. Damaged cylinder head gasket allows coolant to escape and find its way to the oil passages. Drain the oil and check its color. If the color of the oil is white to deep brown then it means that the anti-freeze already mixed with the oil.

Smoking engine

When the seal between the engine block and the cylinder head fails, air and fuel gets into the cylinders. When the coolant reaches the combustion chamber, the combustion process heats up the anti-freeze and travels through the exhaust pipe. This symptom is indicated by a bluish white smoke and note that serious leaks could cause thick steam.

Struggling engine and overheating

Aside from allowing contaminated oil and coolant to reach the combustion chamber, a bad cylinder head gasket also allows gases to escape from the cylinders. This reduces the power that the cylinder is producing and, negatively affects the engine's performance. This will require the engine to put in extra effort just to do simple functions such as accelerating and going uphill. The extra pressure on the engine plus the engine's inability to disperse heat will cause the engine to overheat.

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  • Tips to Prevent Ford Mustang Cylinder Head Gasket Set Failure

    The cylinder head gasket ensures that your vehicle's coolant and oil don't mix as they travel from the engine clock to the cylinder head. Normally made of polymer coatings, graphite, copper and steel, the cylinder head gasket are sturdy enough to withstand the extreme heat produced by the engine. So ideally, your cylinder head gasket should last as long as your vehicle. However, because of its constant exposure to heat, overtime the cylinder head gasket can crack and fail. This will require you to get a Ford Mustang cylinder head gasket set. So the best you can do is to learn how to prevent this from happening too early.


    Although overheating can be a symptom of a bad cylinder head gasket, it can also be a cause. When the engine overheats, it puts extreme stress on the cylinder head gasket which results in the gasket material to deteriorate and eventually warp and break. To avoid this, you should make sure that your engine has an efficient cooling system.


    Most people agree that the cylinder head gasket can go bad with no reason. This is not true. The most overlooked reason behind a cylinder head gasket failure is abusive driving. The engine is a magnificent piece of machinery that requires specific conditions to perform properly. To avoid over-extending the engine and causing it to overheat, allow the engine to cool down before coming to a full stop. When coming from a long drive, make sure you avoid making abrupt stops. If you're nearing your destination, slow down so the engine can adjust before stopping and switching off the ignition. Under the same logic, allow the engine to heat up before revving it up. The ideal oil temperature for revving up is at least 60 Celsius.

    Proper installation and fit

    Another way to destroy a new cylinder head gasket is wrong installation and improper fit. Make sure you have removed all foreign materials from the sealing surface. Ensure that the surface is free from and debris and old gasket residue which can cause improper installation and fit. Use a degreaser, scraper and wire brush to get rid of the foreign materials. The cylinder head gasket should fit perfectly, otherwise, you risk valve or the piston obstruction. If needed, you can even resurface the head or the block if the gasket does not fit well.