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Ford Mustang Header Panel

The Usual Symptoms of a Problematic Ford Mustang Header Panel

The Ford Mustang header panel is the part of your car that supports the headlights and the grille. Aside from that, it also adds protection for the engine area. Although the header panel is not clearly visible since it is mounted behind the grille and the lights, it is still an important part of the vehicle because it completes the classic look of a vehicle especially for a Ford Mustang. If you notice that the header panel of your Mustang is starting to malfunction, then you need to do some troubleshooting immediately before it affects other parts. Here's a list of the common issues you might encounter.

Noise from the grille and headlight assembly

Since both these parts are mounted on the Ford Mustang header panel, a malfunctioning header panel may cause the grille and headlight assembly to become loosely attached and create noise. What you need to do is to inspect if the header panel is attached to them properly. Aside from that, inspect the bolts of the parts if they're tightened in place. If you fail to check the header panel even if you already notice the signs, then there's a probability that the grille or headlight assembly might totally fall off.

Misaligned headlights

If your Ford Mustang header panel is starting to wear down, one sign of it is a misaligned headlight. This might be the result of a header panel that can't support the weight of the headlight assembly. You might notice this when you're driving at night because the direction of the headlight beams are different from the normal position. You have to adjust the headlight assembly immediately because this can affect other drivers and can cause a great inconvenience. You should also check the header panel to determine if there are loose or missing bolts that are causing this problem.

Leak in the engine area

Since the header panel also serves as a cover or protection for the parts of the engine, a broken header panel may cause water to leak inside the engine area. You can fix this immediately with a good automotive adhesive on the cracked surface. However, if the leak is still persistent, then you have to perform a restoration job which requires you to grind, mask, and seal the header panel.

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  • Quick Tips on How to Achieve a Good-Looking Header Panel

    The Ford Mustang header panel is an essential component that keeps the classic appeal of a vintage car like the Mustang. Aside from that, the header panel contains some of the emblems that restoration enthusiasts regard as very important. If you don't take care of your car's header panel, it will deteriorate and loose its value. Here are a few maintenance tips that can help you keep the header panel of your vehicle in mint condition.

    Clean the surface of the header panel.

    Since the Ford Mustang header panel is located in front of the car, it's prone from dirt, debris, and oil that may come from the air and the engine. To keep it free from these impurities, you have to use a degreaser and a soft cloth to wipe it off. However, if there's already rust that has started to build up on the header panel's surface, then you should use a wire brush and a rust remover to remove it.

    Restore the header panel by painting it.

    The engine's hot temperature may cause the Ford Mustang header panel to look faded and dirty. Painting the component can bring it to life once more, and it may even protect it from impurities like dirt and grime. Before you begin the paint job, you have to sand the header panel so the paint will stick effectively. A sandpaper between 200- to 600-grit is already effective to remove the dirt that stuck on the header panel's surface. Aside from that, you should use only high-temperature spray primer because the temperature of the engine can get extremely hot. It will be useless to use ordinary paint that can fade off when the engine reaches high temperature.

    Detach the header from your car correctly.

    A header panel may look very easy to remove from your car because you only a screwdriver to do it, but you have to remove the panel properly to avoid causing damage to the other parts of your car. Removing the bumper cover first will make the job easier and you will have more room to work with. Once that's done, you should also detach the headlights of your vehicle and the grille assembly before you can get to the header panel and remove it.