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Ford Mustang Headlight Cover

Reasons behind Ford Mustang Headlight Cover Problems

We think that a car's headlight is the key point in your car's appearance; headlights are like the "cool-guy" or seductive glares your car gives out when it is out on the road. Good headlights attract attention at night, like you're saying: "Move over, cool car coming through." However, this coolness can only last for so long; soon enough your headlight assembly will experience problems. To help you out during these times, we talked about the common problems with your Ford Mustang headlight cover below.


You may think that seeing deformations (which are simply referred to here as "bubbles" since they look like bubbles) on the headlight cover is normal since it's near heat. That may be true, but headlight covers are designed to be able to tolerate a certain amount of heat from the headlight bulbs. If you find bubbles on the cover, then you need to take a look at the entire headlight assembly. They can be caused by two things: (1) the cover is too close to light bulb, meaning the cover is too exposed to heat than it was initially meant to; and (2) the bulb emits beams that are too hot for the cover. You may have bulbs that are incompatible with the cover; some bulbs emit beams that are too hot, which can or cannot be handled by your Ford Mustang headlight cover.

Condensation buildup

You may also experience a day when you notice that the headlight cover is fogged up, causing the light to be dimmer. Headlight covers are typically not bolted on completely; there is always a space allowance to allow proper condensation of air and heat. In simpler terms, the cover assembly is still open to allow the bulb to breathe and not be sealed off. Condensation buildups are normal so it is not something to worry about.


Noise coming from the headlight assembly, which is sometimes accompanied by excessive shaking, is a result of it being too loose. Though we said that the assembly needs to be a bit loose to allow proper condensation, we emphasize that we used the phrase "a bit". The cover still needs to be secured in place to avoid noise or too much space for movement, which can damage the other parts of the assembly.

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  • Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Ford Mustang Headlight Cover

    Do you know what makes cars in movies look cool? No, it's not really the brand; it's the way the car's headlight shines. Think about it: a little camera angle and a badass flare are all that it takes to create a wicked image for the car. So what's stopping you from getting that badass image every day? Dirty headlight covers; they make the light of the bulb appear dimmer and make the front of your car look unkempt. Maintain your badass image by taking care of your Ford Mustang headlight cover; here are a few ways how:

    Stop using sandpaper

    Car owners usually use sandpapers when cleaning the headlight cover (to remove the dirt or mud). But you should know that sandpapers harm the coat and surface of the cover-it is, after all, still glass. There are a lot of cleaners in the market that you can use. It doesn't really matter what brand you use, just make sure to not use too much because the chemicals can still harm the cover.

    Use the right headlight bulbs

    We recommend that you use the right headlight bulb for your car. Stock headlight bulbs and covers are set-up based on their specs: the amount of heat the bulb remits and the amount of heat the cover can tolerate. If you replaced the stock bulbs with ones that emit hotter light, then the cover can melt or have bubbles. We advise you to consult your owner's manual before buying a new bulb.

    You can also go for LED bulbs because they emit less heat. They are, however, a bit more expensive than regular bulbs so they're definitely something you need to save up for. Still, LED bulbs are a better choice since they tend to last longer and do less harm on the headlight cover.

    Have the cover properly bolted on

    The constant shakes experienced by your car when you drive are enough to loosen the torque on the headlight cover. We recommend that you check the bolts at least once a year; you can do this more often if the cover seems to shake a bit too much at high RPMs or if you can hear noises from the assembly.

    However, keep in mind that the cover should not be completely bolted on. In other words, the headlight assembly should not be completely sealed off. There should be enough allowance for the bulb to breathe, but not too much since the cover needs to be secured in place.