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Ford Mustang Trunk Strut

Diagnosing Common Issues with Ford Mustang Trunk Struts

Only similar in name to the struts that are part of the Mustang's suspension system, the Ford Mustang trunk strut is a device that supports the weight of the trunk lid when it is opened. The trunk strut is designed by Ford to last the entire life of the car, but various factors such as age, elements, and damage from collisions may cause the trunk strut to break down. And since the Ford Mustang's trunk lid can be particularly heavy to lift without it, the trunk struts must be inspected and repaired or replaced as soon as possible once it starts to show signs to failure.

The trunk strut won't keep the lid open.

The most common problem Ford Mustang owners have with their car's trunk strut is that it refuses to hold up the trunk lid. Trunk struts use pressurized gas to hold up the weight of the strut, and constant use will cause the seals that keep the strut pressurized to wear out. The strut will then start to lose pressure and, in most cases, the trunk lid gradually slides down. But if the seal has been severely damaged, the strut may not be able to support the lid at all. In either case, replacement of the trunk strut is recommended.

Weak support

On the other hand, the trunk struts might be able to hold the trunk lid open, but even a slight breeze might cause it to come crashing down. Again, this problem can often be traced back to the seals in the trunk struts which are either defective, damaged, or worn out and require replacement.


Another common trunk strut problem, especially for those living in humid conditions, is rust developing on the trunk strut. If left untreated, rust can eat away at the posts and mountings of the strut and eventually cause it to either disintegrate or break away from the car body. Minor rusting of the trunk strut can be removed by sanding it with fine-grit sandpaper or steel wool, but if the strut has severely corroded it may be better to have it replaced with a new one instead.

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