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Ford Oxygen Sensor

Ford Oxygen Sensor

Have you ever wondered why an automotive engine manages not to release large doses of emissions? Of course, it has various components which are directly connected with the processing of the conversion of the gases into less harmful ones. But are you aware that through the use of a single primary measurement device everything about producing minimal amount of emissions and at the same time the engine is running more efficiently are made possible? In your Ford engine, this device is called, Ford oxygen sensor. It works to feed the engine management computer of the engine with data that it has gathered. The data has something to do with the burning of the fuel in the presence of the oxygen. It is mounted on the exhaust pipe where the oxygen sensor will generate the data whenever it becomes hot enough.

The main goal of your Ford oxygen sensor is to detect whether the mixture is rich or lean. Neither type of mixture is healthy presence for any spark combustion engine as it needs proper air fuel ratio for it to operate accurately. When the data is gathered this is transported to the engine management computer. However, the information sent will not be used unless the computer is in closed loop mode as this is the normal operating mode for all engine control sensors that are working to generate the best fuel economy, good power and of course the lowest emissions possible.

Typically, it is hard to detect whether the oxygen sensor of your vehicle is malfunctioning. Although when the sensor is bad, the engine will show some loss of power and will respond slowly, other failures such as loss of several miles per gallon of fuel economy are mistakenly pointed to oxygen sensor being the culprit of the matter. It is a possibility but often times it is commonly due to vacuum leaks and ignitions problems in which these are primarily the common fuel economy destroyers. To make it sure, have the oxygen sensor checked and you may also want to include the wirings of the computer. If it's found to be the oxygen sensor that is performing badly, take action immediately. If worse comes to worst, replace it with oxygen sensors available in the market.

  • Closer Look at Ford Oxygen Sensor

    Your Ford oxygen sensor is part of a team of sensors constantly at work in your vehicle, continuously assessing the efficiency and performance of various systems and signaling the main computer of your vehicle as to what changes are necessary to achieve peak levels of performance. Your Ford oxygen sensor monitors the level of oxygen present in the exhaust gasses as they exit the combustion area and move through the exhaust system. If the Ford oxygen sensor detects that the oxygen levels are off, then it signals the main computer that there is a problem with the air-to-fuel ratio that needs to be addressed. The main computer attends to that important matter and the Ford oxygen sensor continues to monitor the exhaust, and the process of measuring and adjusting is almost a continuous one throughout the running of the vehicle. Not only does the proper air-to-fuel ratio ensure better performance and fuel mileage for your vehicle, but it also serves to reduce the amount of pollutants released into the environment. If your Ford oxygen sensor is starting to fail, you'll notice several symptoms that relate to a problem within the combustion system, as this part helps to keep the fuel burn at its most efficient. These symptoms are likely to include rough running and idling, a feeling of reduced power, and poor fuel economy and should be traced back to their source as soon as possible, because putting off the replacement of a failing or failed Ford oxygen sensor can put other sensitive parts at risk of premature failure, such as your catalytic converter. If tracing the symptoms to the source does reveal that you do need to replace your Ford oxygen sensor, you'll find a dependable and affordable replacement in our online catalog, ready to be ordered via our secure site or our toll-free telephone number.