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Ford Performance Pulleys

For certain types of Ford owners, the quest to squeeze every possible bit of power and performance out of their engines motivates them to consider all angles and possibilities and the Ford performance pulley is one of those angles that used to be known only by real motor heads and seasoned, old-school mechanics. Basically, anything running on your vehicle draws its power from that which is created by the engine during the combustion process, with even electrical items tracing their source of power ultimately back to the engine. Many of the essential parts and accessories of your vehicle draw that power from the engine using a belt and pulley system, and that is exactly where a Ford performance pulley comes into play. Most of the stock pulleys on your vehicle run faster than they need to, drawing more power from the engine than is necessary to run the parts and accessories they are attached to, power that could be being used for other purposes, such as performance. A Ford performance pulley is engineered differently, sized carefully, to allow it to make fewer rounds per minute, slowing revolution to the minimum required to run a part or accessory without sacrificing any of its performance, saving that horsepower, making it available for other uses. Naturally, with each stock pulley you can exchange for a Ford performance pulley, you free up that much more horsepower. You can order the Ford performance pulley one by one or you can get them in sets, which offers greater savings. You'll find a variety of Ford performance pulley sets and singles in our online catalog, readily available and reasonably priced. You can order the Ford performance pulley or set of pulleys of your choice via our secure site or with a fast toll-free phone call.