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Ford Ranger Ac Idler Pulley

Identifying Problems on the Ford Ranger AC Idler Pulley

The AC idler pulley is a part of your vehicle's belt system that works to put a constant pressure on the belt guide. Unlike all the other pulleys on the Ford Ranger, the idler pulley does not actually transfer power to a certain mechanical device on the truck. What it does is to prevent slippage, and also reverse the flow of power transmission and change torque at times. That being said, your Ford Ranger AC idler pulley plays an essential role in the overall function of your truck. And when it gets busted, there might be certain complications on the vehicle's serpentine belt. It's a good thing that there are noticeable manifestations when the idler pulley is getting defective. Here are some of the problems you might encounter:


Corrosion is one of the most common problems of an AC idler pulley. Over time, you will notice that the metallic parts of your vehicle get rusty because of too much friction. Also, extreme heat can affect the pulley, and could cause corrosion on the system. When this happens, it becomes extra difficult for the pulley to function continuously. If you notice any sign of corrosion on the pulley, remove it right away. But if the corrosion has affected the pulley significantly, it would be better to have it checked by a trusted mechanic for a quick repair or replacement.

Presence of debris

Like all the other fully functional pulleys on your Ford Ranger, there is also a huge possibility for debris to contaminate your idler pulley. And when this happens, it is very likely for the system to get affected. Worse, it might be damaged totally. If you notice some major changes on the performance of your serpentine belt and there are no problems on the other pulleys, the troubles might be caused by the idler pulley. Although it does not take part in power transmission, it can still affect the process, which is why it is very important for you to make sure that it is not damaged.

Constant noise

You may also notice a constant whirring sound from underneath the truck. When the idler pulley or the serpentine belt, in general, is damaged, there is an annoying sound that persists as you drive the vehicle. While the noise may be caused by other parts and systems on the truck, there is also a huge possibility that it is caused by the idler pulley. If you hear some kind of noise on the truck, have it checked immediately.

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  • Simple Ways to Preserve Your Ford Ranger AC Idler Pulley

    The AC idler pulley of your Ford Ranger plays a crucial role in the overall function of the serpentine belt and the continuous transfer of power to various parts and systems in the vehicle. So when it starts acting up, it could be very challenging for you to make the most out of your truck. This is why consumers are encouraged to follow a certain maintenance procedure for every system in the vehicle. And by doing so, you can expect to have a better-functioning idler pulley and truck as a whole. Here are some of the most cost-efficient ways to maintain your Ford Ranger AC idler pulley:

    Plan a regular cleaning schedule.

    Having a regular cleaning schedule laid out for your vehicle is one of the best ways to preserve its parts and accessories. Aside from making yourself aware of the current condition of your truck's AC idler pulley, you also get the chance to prevent bigger problems from happening. Cleaning is the first step to preservation, and by doing this on a regular basis, you get to keep your idler pulley in mint condition. Cleaning is also very easy. You only have to get rid of dirt on the pulley and make sure that it is well maintained. There are no special tools needed, and you don't have to do it every day or every week; once or twice a month will be enough.

    Prevent corrosion.

    Since you are following a regular cleaning schedule on your AC idler pulley, it would be much better if you also try to prevent corrosion in the process. Corrosion is among the biggest problems when it comes to metallic parts. Luckily for you, you can prevent this by making sure your idler pulley is well attended to. Upon cleaning the pulley, make sure to wipe off excess water on the area to prevent rust. Also, make it a habit to lubricate your AC idler pulley to prevent the harmful effects of too much friction.

    Inspect the system often.

    If you are not too busy, spend some time inspecting the overall appearance and performance of your Ford Ranger's AC idler pulley as well. Since it plays an important part in the performance of the air conditioning system in your truck, it is just proper for you to give utmost attention to it. But if you are not very familiar with the proper way to assess the idler pulley, you can always ask for the assistance of an expert mechanic.