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Ford Ranger Bed Liner

Common Issues with the Ford Ranger Bed Liner and Why They Arise

Bed liners protect the bed of the Ford Ranger from damage caused by loading and unloading the truck bed. They are made to be durable so they could endure any punishment dished out to them. Unfortunately, the bed liners could also cause a number of problems with the Ford Ranger. Here, we look at some of them.

Pooling of water

Spaces in between the liner and the bed of the Ranger could hold a good amount of water. The water gets stuck in this middle layer, unable to escape. The water pools slowly, increasing in size. The water itself shouldn't be much of a problem; it is the rust and the corrosion you should be looking out for. Water enters the lining because of small opening at the edge of a bed liner. These opening are sometimes the result of improper bed liner installation; most of the time, these small holes are almost unavoidable and simply one of the cons of installing a bed liner.

Noise and vibrations in a running Ford Ranger

The problem is prevalent with bed liners that are incorrectly installed or have become loose and unsecured. The wind caused by the movement of the vehicle moves the bed liner, causing it to flap against the bed of the truck, hence the noise and the vibration. This problem is easily fixed by securing the bed liner with the appropriate bolts and fasteners.

Chipped-off paint

Bed liners may sometimes rub against the body of the Ford Ranger, scratching off the paint and exposing the bare metal to moisture and leaving it vulnerable to rust. Like the previous problem, this could be caused by loose, unsecured bed liners. Another cause is installing an ill-fitting bed liner to the truck bed. If the liner is bigger than it needs to be, its size could make it brush against the paint of the Ranger and damage it. This is remedied by trimming the bed liner or installing a completely new, direct-fit liner.

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  • Ford Ranger Bed Liner Cleaning Tips

    The Ford Ranger bed liner protects the body and paint of your pickup truck. The sturdy material that makes up the liner ensures that it supports the immense weight whatever is loaded to the back of the Ranger. After a while, dirt, grime and other materials may gather around and adhere to the bed liner. That is why it is necessary to clean it from time to time. Here are a few tips to remember when cleaning the bed liner.

    • Always use the right cleaning chemicals.
    • Most of the time, mild soap detergent is all you need to clean the bed liner. For more stubborn dirt, you may look into some commercial cleaners. Be wary of the ones you use though; some of the strongest cleaners out there may end up damaging your bed liner, turning a simple cleaning job into a search for a new bed liner replacement.
    • Clean the area in between the Ranger's truck bed and the bed liner.
    • Dirt and moisture can get in the tight spaces in between the truck bed and the liner, where they gather and remain. That is why it is important to have this area cleaned. Removing the bed liner may be tedious task so just try to clean area at least once a month to prevent the build-up of dirt. When you're done cleaning, remember to dry out the truck bed before putting back the bed liner to prevent trapping any moisture.
    • Mind the paint.
    • Don't get too overzealous when cleaning the Ford Ranger's bed liner. You might accidentally scratch the paint if you're not too careful. This could expose the metal body of the truck to moisture and make it rust.
    • Use a UV protectant on your bed liner after cleaning.
    • This tip is optional, but it won't hurt to make your bed liner looking good. After more than a few washings and after constant exposure to the sun, the bed liner will start to go dull. A good application of the protectant will help preserve its shine. You may also apply a longer lasting UV protective coat as well for further protection.