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Ford Ranger Body Mount Kit

Ford Ranger Body Mount Problems That Will Rock You

Body mounts keep your vehicle's body in the right place and help absorb the vibration caused by the movement of the car along the road. A damaged body mount should be immediately replaced to avoid damage to other car components, also including yourself. When a body mount fails, its symptoms can be subtle at first and then it starts to get a little bit more obvious with all the extra motion and shaking going around. Here are some signs to look out for.


A defective body mount will cause the vehicle's body to swing and sway back and forth when the vehicle is accelerating, especially when cornering or under heavy load. This condition likely stems from the rubber components of the motor mount separating from its steel components. The broken mount may be able to hold the body but there aren't any material left to dampen the so called body roll. This could make driving or riding the car uncomfortable and nauseating, like traveling on a wave stricken boat.

Thumping and rattling

A broken or damaged body mount may cause audible rattling or thumping noises from underneath the vehicle. These noises are indicative of over-stressed components and can be the precursor to serious suspension problems. Furthermore, worn out body mounts is without the necessary flexibility and it can misalign the body and the frame on critical mounting areas. Therefore, the car body is at risk of breaking apart when subjected to demanding situations.

Creaks and squeaks

In connection to the previous two problems above, the car with deteriorated body mounts will be very noisy, specifically when turning and traversing over rough roads. The creak and squeaks come from the body mount that doesn't have any padding or dampeners any more. The metal part is exposed and grinds with the other metal components of the vehicle. Moreover, since it has a part of it exposed, rust and corrosion will be able to penetrate the body mount faster. This can be very dangerous because the vehicle will lose stability. That stability is very much needed given that the car you're driving is a pick-up truck.

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