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Ford Ranger Carpet Kit

Usual Ford Ranger Carpet Kit Problems and the Reasons behind Them

Comfort and utility-these are the top two things you can expect from your Ford Ranger. Your truck's spacious cabin and truck bed are enough proof of its utility. Comfort, on the other hand, is manifested through its relaxing seats and most importantly, through its soft but sturdy carpet kit. Although they are created to be as robust as your Ford Ranger, your vehicle's carpets are not really problem-proof. Here are the most common problems of your Ford Ranger carpet kit and their usual causes:

Physical damage

Carpets are meant to be stepped on. Because of this, they are prone to physical damage, which may be acquired earlier during their service life or over time. Damage may come in different forms, but their cause is primarily foot traffic. One of the most common types of damage is color loss or fading. The frequent interaction of your feet and the carpet material usually causes this problem. Another form of damage is crushing or depression. This happens when a particular portion of your Ranger's carpet is regularly exposed to heavy things. Although all these cannot really be prevented, frequent washing and vacuuming can still help. But if the damage already made the carpets inefficient, replace them immediately.

Smelly carpets

Foul odors produced by your vehicle's carpets are not only annoying, but also embarrassing. Your Ford Ranger's fierce physique will be put to waste if its cabin smells like rotten food because of the carpets. Aside from being a major turn-off, the disgusting smell means that the carpets' underside is infested with mold, mildew, and tons of bacteria, which may be harmful to your respiratory health. Since moisture is one of the top causes of bad odors in carpets, you need to keep them dry at all times. It would also help if you wash them regularly with shampoo or soap and let them dry completely before putting them back inside the vehicle.

Wet car carpets

Dampness or wetness is probably your Ford Ranger carpet kit's most common problem. It may come from yours or your passenger's spilled drink, your air-conditioning system's clogged tubes, or from the heavy drops of rain that goes inside your Ford Ranger because your vehicle's door panel gasket is already damaged. You may think otherwise, but water or moisture can actually cause your vehicle's carpet to deteriorate rapidly. The moisture that accumulates within the carpet's threads can weaken its material composition over time. This will then cause it to become more vulnerable to physical damage. If your Ford Ranger's carpet is experiencing this wetness problem, you need to let the wet carpet dry under the sun for about an hour or until all the moisture is gone.

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  • Practical Ways to Keep Your Ford Ranger Carpet Kit in Excellent Condition

    They say that "there's no point in crying over spilled milk." But can you really help it if the spilled milk was all over your Ford Ranger carpet kit? Just like your truck's elegant seats, the carpets are really important in providing a comfortable driving experience for you and your passengers. They help maintain the ideal temperature inside the cabin, and they also reduce noise coming from your vehicle's engine and the environment. Because of these important tasks, you are required to keep your Ford Ranger carpet kit in tiptop shape. To help you out, here are a couple of tips:

    Cleanliness means comfort.

    Your vehicle's carpets will be more effective in making your driving more comfortable if they are always fresh and clean. You can maintain their cleanliness through frequent washing and vacuuming. For best results, it is recommended to vacuum the carpets first before washing them with soap and water. This will prevent dust and other particles, which can't be removed by regular soap-and-water solution, from getting stuck in the carpets' threads. If you have extra money to spare, it is advisable to buy a special shampoo for your Ford Ranger carpet kit. This is especially formulated to cater to your vehicle's carpet's cleaning needs. Sometimes, your vehicle's carpets also acquire oil and paint stains from car part repairs and other circumstances. In this case, you need to use special cleaning agents like paint thinners and hair spray to effectively remove these stains.

    The drier, the better.

    One effective way to prolong the carpets' service life is by always keeping them dry. When your vehicle's carpets are dry, they are more effective in providing comfort to your feet. Dry carpets also reduce the possibility of having foul odors inside the cabin, which are usually caused by the bacteria, mold, and mildew buildup from the carpets' damp underside. Since moisture can come from various sources, preventing this problem is particularly challenging. The best thing you can do is limit the possible sources of moisture inside and outside your vehicle. If a damaged car part is the main reason for the carpet's wetness, repair it immediately. As for the spilled drinks, it is advisable to equip your Ford Ranger with drink holders to avoid spillage. You are also encouraged to let your Ford Ranger carpet kit dry under the sun from time to time, ideally, once a week to ensure its dryness.