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Ford Ranger Fender

Identifying Signs of Wear and Tear on a Ford Ranger Fender

Fenders are multi-purpose automotive parts that improve the safety features of a vehicle and work as an embellishment at the same time. They are important components of the bumper assembly, and they protect the vehicle and the passengers from different kinds of road particles. However, due to constant exposure to various weather conditions and road debris, they wear out after a certain period of time. When this happens, the integrity of the fender diminishes, thereby lessening its capacity to guard your vehicle from different elements. But there is no reason for you to risk your Ford Ranger to dents and scratches. As long as you know how to identify signs of wear on your Ford Ranger fender, it will be easy for you to prevent damage in the future.

Dents and scratches

Among the best indicators of a worn-out fender are dents and scratches on the surface. Since your fenders are always exposed to mud, rocks, and many other physical elements, it is very likely for them to get dented and scratched. This kind of problem is very easy to spot with a simple look on each of the fenders installed on your Ranger. Although dents and scratches do not necessarily make the fenders totally non-functional, they lessen the integrity of the material and affect their capability to protect your vehicle. When you notice dents and scratches on your fenders, assess whether they can still perform well or if you would have to get new replacements right away.

Constant flapping movement

A constant flapping movement or sound may be caused by loose screws on the lower part of your truck. If your Ford Ranger's fenders are loosely attached, there is a huge possibility for them to fall out while you are driving, especially if you are coursing through a bumpy road, or if your fenders are getting hit by rocks or splashed by mud or water. Normally, you can hear a flapping sound beneath your truck, or the fenders will feel very loose when you touch them. The best solution to this is by tightening the screws of the fender on each side of the vehicle.

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  • Effective Ways to Keep the Ford Ranger Fender in Good Shape

    If you are having problems with your Ford Ranger fender, there are plenty of ways to address them without the need to waste so much of your time or spend a lot of money. All you need to do is make yourself familiar with how the fenders and the entire bumper assembly work, and everything will be easy for you. You may be wondering why it is necessary to exert some effort in taking care of your fenders. This is because they keep you and your truck protected from various road particles and work as a classy yet affordable accessory. If you're ready to know more on the best maintenance tips for your fender, here's how:

    Install the fenders properly.

    When replacing fenders on your truck, make sure that they are installed properly so as to avoid hitting other car parts underneath the vehicle. The procedure is very simple, so you wouldn't have a hard time doing it even if it's your first time. Just make sure that you have the right tools to perform the task properly.

    Clean them as often as possible.

    When cleaning your truck, make sure to spend some time in removing dirt from each of your fenders. Since they are often exposed to dirt and pollution, it is very likely for dust and grime to pile up. All you have to do is splash water on the fenders and wipe off dirt using a non-abrasive cloth and soap solution. After a few minutes of thorough wiping, you can rinse the soap suds with water.

    Secure the screws at all times.

    In order to keep the fenders safely in place all the time, see to it that they are tightly secured. Whenever you clean the fenders, make time to check if they are properly attached on the assembly as well. This way, you can be sure that they won't just fall off while you are driving.

    Watch out for dents and scratches.

    Since dents and scratches are common fender problems, try to avoid them by regularly applying a protective coating on each of your fenders. This will also keep them looking smooth, shiny, and good as new. Simply wipe a generous amount of coating on the fenders after cleaning them. Do this for at least a couple of times a month, and you can effectively keep the fenders in mint condition.