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Ford Ranger Floor Mats

Reasons behind Ford Ranger Floor Mat Problems

The rubber floor mats inside your Ford Ranger are built tough and durable since they are constantly exposed to dirt particles. These mats protect the car's carpets and must be cleaned once in a while for optimum protection. If you think your floor mats are no longer serving their function, then better perform some troubleshooting. Here are common problems encountered with Ford Ranger floor mats and the reasons behind them.

Damp spots and discolorations

If you find damp spots and discolorations on your car's floor mats, then there might be molds in the carpet flooring. The presence of molds usually manifests through a musty smell. You may have forgotten to change or clean the floor mat. See, these molds thrive on dampness, so they will multiply over time. If you don't find time to clean the mold spots, you will not only damage the carpet flooring but also compromise your health. Fortunately, this mold problem can be easily addressed with cleaning tools that are readily available at home. Simply use a solution of vinegar and hot water and wipe off the affected parts with a rag. To prevent further mold infestation, you may also want to install a new air filter for your auto.

Presence of rubber odor

The presence of rubber odor is not necessarily a defect, but it can be irritating and may even cause headaches. This unusual smell is more commonly experienced by owners with new floor mats. It's a good thing though that you can repel the rubber smell easily by washing the part. Just submerge the mats under a solution of water and white vinegar. Afterwards, let them soak for at least half an hour before scrubbing and rinsing. Once this is done, allow at least three hours for the mats to dry in direct sunlight. Alternately, if you have no time to clean the mats, you may simply place a dish of fresh coffee grounds inside your vehicle, so it will absorb the rubber odor.

Hint of cracks and tears

When you find hints of cracks and tears on the auto's floor mats, your best option for repair is to replace them. You see, even with constant maintenance and cleaning, these floor mats are not immune to wear and tear. There will come a time when the floor mats are too old and frail to protect the carpets.

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  • Tips to Keep Your Ford Ranger Floor Mats in Good Condition

    Your car's floor mats are constantly subjected to dirt particles, and with such abuse comes a need for a more frequent cleaning and maintenance. If you don't exactly know how to go about maintenance on the mats, then today is your lucky day. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your Ford Ranger floor mats in good condition:

    Avoid entering the vehicle with dirty or wet shoes.

    The easiest way to prevent dirt buildup on the vehicle's interior is by being choosy of what you bring inside the auto. As much as possible, refrain from abusing the floor mats with your dirty and wet shoes. Although the floor mats are built to keep the carpets clean, they would still need to be cleaned once in a while so that they are kept at the best shape possible. If you continue to neglect maintenance, you may soon find molds or cracks on the auto's floor mats.

    Remove molds from floor mats.

    It is common knowledge that molds thrive on damp and dim-lit conditions. The most probable reason behind the presence of molds is failure to perform maintenance. Servicing mold-infested mats should not be that hard as you may use household cleaning tools. But before cleaning, open the car doors for ventilation. In addition, make sure that you turn off your dome light in order to preserve battery. Once these precautions are carried out, apply a solution of hot water and vinegar to the affected parts. Scrub thoroughly and allot time for the mats to dry. If you still smell molds, you might want to perform the procedure again and again until they are completely removed. Automotive experts also advise that you install a new air filter, in case the stock has been infected with molds.

    Wash the floor mats to remove foul smell.

    Failing to clean the car's floor mats once in a while may result to a headache-inducing odor. For a quick fix, you may simply place a dish of coffee grounds in the car to absorb the smell. But, for a longer and more permanent solution, wash and submerge the mats in a solution of warm soapy water and a cup of white vinegar. Ideally, the odorous parts should be left soaked for at least half an hour. Once done, allot time for scrubbing and dry them for at least three hours.