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Ford Ranger Grille

Ford Ranger Grille Protection and Restoration

The grille on a Ford Ranger is one of the most distinct parts of the truck. One look at this and it makes it easy for people to identify what model year a certain Ranger is part of. With so much attention placed on the grille, it's easy to see why it's highly recommended that you take good care of the one on your truck. Maintenance ranges from you protecting it from the elements it's exposed to when you use it every day up to you restoring an old and faded piece. The following are some practical tips you can do for the grille on your Ford Ranger:

  • Regular cleaning
  • Dirt stains are an easy way to make your truck appear sad and old. These wouldn't only look bad on the part if it isn't cleaned, but these would also expose the metal or plastic to more serious damage. Wash the part with soap and water to get rid of any foreign elements stuck onto the grille. For an even cleaner and shinier finish, apply some metal polisher (for steel or chrome) or wax (for plastic) and buff it until you can almost see your reflection on it.

  • Using a grille guard and winter cover
  • Installing a grille guard or winter cover isn't only good for giving your truck upgrades in looks and performance. These two covers also have protective qualities which can also be beneficial for the grille. Other than a more aggressive (from the guard) or quicker engine heating (cover), both can block snow and other elements from damaging the grille's finish.

  • Repainting or retouching
  • The age of an old Ford Ranger can be seen with the decay of its internal mechanisms and body work. As far as the grille is concerned, old ones tend to fade and loose its original color. The ones that are painted even look uglier as it starts to crack and chip. As a solution or preventive measure against this issue, take some time to repaint the grilles or give it a good retouch so that you can try and restore its original look. This is also a good opportunity for you to customize the grille's look if you want to.

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