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Ford Ranger Grille Guard

Common Issues With Your Ford Ranger Grille Guard

Your Ford Ranger grille guard can add protection and style to your truck. But it can also give you a headache as it gets plagued with some of the common grille guard problems. To help you deal with these, here are some troubleshooting tips:

Wrong fit

A simple but common problem involving grille guards is when it doesn't directly fit your truck. This can be a product of carelessness, but admit it, many drivers experience this. When buying this component, make sure that it surely fits your make and model. There are products that have been made exclusively for certain makes and models, while there are also some products that have a universal fit. So before buying a grille guard, don't forget to check its label for its specifications. After all, you wouldn't want to take a grille guard home and later find out that it can't be mounted on the front end of your truck.

Bent and deformed

If your truck recently got involved in a collision, your grille guard may have been damaged. Worse, it can get bent as if a strong impact forced its steel bars to form a new shape. This normally happens when you bump against another vehicle or when you crash into a structure. Remember that your grille guards don't give you the same protection as your bumpers do. So if your truck's grille guard is bent or deformed, you can bring it to a repair shop to have the steel bars reshaped back to its original form. Doing this yourself can be tricky that's why you need to seek professional help. But in the event that the damage is severe, you just have to simply buy a new grille guard to replace your old one.

Rust spots

Your grille guard can get rusty overtime, especially if it gets exposed to road salts or cold and wet weather. The surface can form bubbles that can burst and become rust spots. If your grille guard is scratched, rust can also form along the damaged areas. To address this problem, you can clean your grille guard and apply anti-rust solution to prevent your component from getting rusty. However, if it's already rusted, you can take off the paint, apply two coatings of etch primer, and cover it up with three coats of flat black.

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  • Helpful Tips to Keep Your Chrome-finished Ford Ranger Grille Guard Looking as Good as New

    Your chrome-finished Ford Ranger grille guard requires a lot of effort to keep it in top condition. But don't worry; here are some ways on how you can make your grille guard look good as new:

    • Remove bug remains
    • You have to remove the bug remains first using a scouring pad before cleaning your grille guard. Take note, however, that you should use a pad that isn't so abrasive to avoid damaging the chrome. You can also try adding a bit of cola to your scouring pad for easy removal of the remains.
    • Get it foiled
    • If you start to see rust spots forming on your chrome-finished grille guard, you can use crumpled aluminum foil to remove them. Keep in mind that you can also dip the foil in cola before buffing out the rust spots. Fine-grade steel wool can also be used as an alternative for the aluminum foil. However, don't apply too much force when you're rubbing down the areas as you can hurt the grille guard's surface.
    • Wash it with soapy water
    • You can choose to buy commercial chrome cleaner from any car store and just follow the instructions at the back. But you can also go for the cheaper alternatives like soda water, vinegar, or lemon peel among others. You can also try using regular window cleaner in cleaning your grille guard. But of course, you can just wash it using a mild detergent mixed with water. If you prefer making mixtures yourself, you can mix one part of clear ammonia with sixteen parts of water. Just remember to use a non-abrasive pad or cloth to gently scrub the grille guard.
    • Use some toothpaste
    • Yes, toothpaste can clean your chrome-finished grille guard, especially those spots created by hard water. Keep in mind, though, that it has to be paste and not gel to achieve better results.
    • Polish it with baby oil
    • If you're on a tight budget but you want to polish your grille guard, you can try using baby oil as an alternative. But if you're going for this option, remember to use only a small amount. Apply the oil on a non-abrasive cloth then start polishing away. Don't forget to clean your grille guard first before you polish it.