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Ford Ranger Mirror

Troubleshooting Ford Ranger Mirror Problems

The Ford Ranger is advertised as one of the toughest vehicles on the road today, but it too has its share of fragile components. Among these are the various mirrors located on the exterior and interior of the Ranger. Basically of the same materials as the mirrors found in your house, Ford Ranger mirrors are highly vulnerable to damage. And once they do get damaged, a mirror might not provide sufficient vision of the blind spots in your vehicle. In this article, we'll break down three of the most common problems of Ford Ranger Mirrors and how to troubleshoot them.


Scratches are probably the most common problem in car mirrors, and dealing with a cracked mirror depends on the severity of the damage. Minor scratches can usually be buffed out by gently scrubbing the affected area with jeweler's rouge or whitening surface. However, if the scratch is deep and is seriously affecting your view of the mirror, we recommend having it replaced with a new one instead.

Water spots

Usually occuring on the side mirrors, water spots are caused by hard water that contains large concentrations of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Once the droplets evaporate, the minerals are left behind as white reside of the mirror surface. Water spots can create hard-to-remove spots on the mirror, so they must be cleaned as soon as possible. To clean water spots, dip a lint-free rag on a vinegar and water solution and wipe the mirror with it in a circular motion. Dry the mirror with a clean cloth, and wipe the glass surface again with a rag soaked in scratch remover. Continue wiping until the spots disappear.


Whether it is large or small, cracks on the mirror glass are a serious problem which can only be solved by replacing the entire mirror glass. Trying to repair the glass by gluing it together will only result with a warped reflection which can only further hinder your visibility of the road. In addition, we also recommend checking the other components of the mirror assembly (such as the mirror defroster) to see if they are still in good condition.

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  • Care and Maintenance Tips for Ford Ranger Mirrors

    In its most basic, the mirrors in your Ford Ranger are the same as the mirrors in your house. And just like household mirrors, they have to be cleaned and maintained regularly not only for the mirrors to retain their sparkling clarity but also to ensure that they will last a long time. With that said, here are some simple tips you can use to maintain the Ford Ranger mirrors.

    Clean the mirrors regularly.

    Car mirrors should be inspected and cleaned during every car wash, but if the mirror is excessively dirty it must be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent hard-to-remove stains and scratches on the mirror surface. Car mirrors can be cleaned effectively using the same cleaning products you use on the mirrors and glass in your home. Avoid using ordinary soap or detergent when cleaning, as this can create a hazy film on the mirror surface.

    Keep glass cleaner wipes and a soft rag in the glove compartment.

    Always carry pre-moistened glass cleaner wipes and a soft rag in case you need to do an emergency cleaning of cloudy or muddy mirrors while on the road.

    Look for cracks and scratches on the mirror surface.

    Scratches and cracks will not only make the mirror look ugly but also potentially hinder your vision and increase the risk of accidents. Scratches can usually be fixed by buffing it with jeweler's rough or whitening toothpaste, while cracked mirror glass should be replaced. If any other components of the mirror assembly, such as the heating element for example, are also damaged, replace them as well.

    Other cleaning tips:

    Use soft lint-free rags, paper towels, or old newspapers when cleaning the car mirror when cleaning the mirror to avoid scratching the glass.

    When applying polish on the mirror assembly, try not to get any on the mirror glass as might discolor the glass surface.

    To get rid of stubborn water spots on mirror surfaces, wipe the mirror with a rag dipped in vinegar in a circular motion, followed by a scratch remover solution. Continue wiping until all the spots on the mirror disappear.