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Ford Ranger Tail Light

When talking about the Ford Ranger automobiles, two distinct and unrelated pick-up truck lines by the Ford Motor Company will come to your mind. The name Ford Ranger is used either as the North-American Ford-designed compact pickup truck, or as the Mazda-designed compact pickup which is being sold in over 130 countries. With the former, the Ranger is Ford's entry-level pickup truck that was used on versions of the F-Series' F-100 and F-350 in the year 1960s and 1970s. The first Ford Rangers were introduced in 1982 for the 1983 model year.

Primarily, the Ranger is a light truck with an open-top cargo area with fairly short rigid sides and an opening rear gate produced and marketed by the Ford Motor Company, a respected and trusted automobile maker that has been in the business for more than hundred years already. This compact Ranger was patterned after the full-size Ford pickups that offered a four-wheel drive system. To date, Ford Rangers are divided into four generations to which are the first generation, the second generation version 1, the second generation version 2 and the second generation version 3 Rangers.

Rangers actually served as a replacement for the Americanized version Ford Couriers. When the Ford Ranger was introduced, the production of Ford Couriers was discontinued in North American but not in Australia and New Zealand as the badged-engineered version of the Mazda B-Series. Enigmatically, the same Ford Courier is being referred to as the Ford Ranger in markets outside North America Australia and New Zealand but was any way unrelated to the American Ranger.

Ford Rangers nevertheless will stay as a top and competitive automobile in the pickup truck division of the auto industry. Though Rangers are not definitely made to last in the strict sense but it can surely stay in showroom condition with the use of different Ford Ranger parts and accessories. A Ford Ranger tail light is an important and essential car part that serves as a warning and guiding light to all the drivers of the vehicles following your car about your direction and actions therefore taking the necessary safety precautionary measures and anticipating any untoward situations.

For all your Ford Ranger needs such as quality and reliable Ford Ranger tail light, you can visit some on-line auto parts store for wide array of choices that will fit and match your taste and preference.

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