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Ford Ranger Tail Light Assembly

Sorting Out Your Ford Ranger Tail Light Assembly Problems

Federal laws require fully functioning and conspicuous tail lights that make the rear of your Ford Ranger much easier to see especially at night. A faulty tail light will get you pulled over by traffic police. Fortunately, tail lights don't really require much maintenance, and they don't fail often. However, in case they do, it is important to know the nature and cause of the problem so you can take appropriate action. Fortunately, tail light problems are simple and easy to deal with.

One tail light is not lighting up

When a single tail light fails, the most likely culprit is a burned-out bulb. You should remove the bulb and see if any of the filaments inside is broken. If so, replace the component. Depending on your vehicle, you can get to the bulb by employing one of three general approaches. One is by taking off the lens after removing the exposed mounting screws. Another is by detaching the entire light unit before removing the bulb from its socket. The third method simply involves accessing the bulb from behind by going through the trunk or behind the fender or bumper.

Multiple tail light failure

When more than one tail light fails, the problem could not be with the individual bulbs but rather caused by a blown fuse. Check your vehicle owner manual for the location of your fuse box and the position of your tail light fuse.

Multiple tail light failure NOT caused by a broken fuse

After ruling out a burned-out bulb or broken fuse, you can check the wiring if it is damaged or loose. Make sure that all the connections are secure and that the internal surfaces are not corroded. Check near the tail light and under the car for any damage on the wiring.

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