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Ford Ranger Tailgate Protector

Ford Ranger Tailgate Protector

Loose the tailgate protector on your Ford Ranger and you leave the tailgate vulnerable to serious damage and many other hazards. But that won't happen if you know how to take care of it. The following are some of the problems you may encounter with the Ford Ranger tailgate protector; learn about them so you can fix them whenever they appear:


As they name suggest, the tailgate protector shields the tailgate from harm. It is normal for them to receive some light damage and to handle excessive stress. As long as they damage isn't too extensive, you should worry much about it. If you're one to fret about the appearance of your vehicle, try sanding scratches and minor damage with some wet sandpaper.

The tailgate protector interferes with the truck bed tonneau.

There are some tonneau covers and tailgate protectors that may not be compatible with one another. If one is installed, the other may not fit perfectly or may not even be installed at all. In cases like this, you'll have to choose which among them you'd want to keep and throw out or give away the other. If your tailgate cover is brand new, try returning it to the manufacturer and buy another protector that is compatible with a tonneau cover.

Loose tailgate protector

Be sure to inspect your tailgate protector from time to time and observe whether or not it is flopping about of if there are gaps between it and the tailgate. For loose bolts and screws, just tighten them as needed; if there are any missing, replace them with new ones. If the tailgate protector is secured with the use of adhesives, you may have to remove the whole thing before you can reinstall the whole thing. Don't leave the protector unsecured for extended periods of time. They could rattle against the tailgate, damaging it and itself.

Broken fasteners

Some tailgate protectors are secured with the use of plastic fasteners, allowing you to install the protectors easily while keeping costs down for the manufacturer. Unfortunately, they're usually not as strong as metal bolts and screws. As a result, they may break after some time. Replace any loose or broken fasteners with new ones.

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  • Taking Care of Your Ford Ranger Tailgate Protector

    Tail gates are vulnerable to damage and corrosion. This could leave them in such a bad state that replacing them would be the only logical option. Fortunately, tailgate protectors are available to help make your tailgate last through any condition. Even with that in mind, the tailgate protectors themselves could do better with a little maintenance and care. Here are some useful maintenance tips you should know regarding Ford Ranger tailgate protectors:

    Inspect the tailgate protector from time to time.

    More often than not, you'll need to see things with your own eyes to ascertain their current condition. A visual inspection of tailgate protectors will let you know if they're still usable or if they're nearing their inevitable replacement. Check the tailgate protector for damage, scratches, and discoloration. Make sure that they are still secured properly to your tailgate. Check if the tailgate protectors are warped or not; this is a clear indication about the tailgate protectors' structural integrity.

    Clean the tailgate protector.

    While tailgate protectors are designed to handle punishment, it may be a good idea to clean them once in a while. Clean the protector with a soft bristled brush and a mixture of detergent and warm water. This is usually enough to remove most of the dirt from it. Avoid using commercial cleaners, especially the stronger varieties; they could damage your tailgate protector extensively.

    Replace the tailgate protector when needed.

    With such tough work to accomplish, the tailgate protector could get worn out, damaged, and mangled. Minor damage can be repaired with a mending kit or some epoxy but sometimes, the tailgate protector may be in a state that is beyond any reasonable repair. In this case, you will need to replace the whole thing to ensure your tailgate remains protected. Be sure to do it immediately. Driving for extended periods with your tailgate unprotected could leave it vulnerable to damage and corrosion.

    Using sandpaper to fix scratches

    Scratches can be removed with the use of wet sandpaper. Start with rough grit sandpaper and work your way through finer grit sandpaper. Finish off with a scratch remover compound and finish with a plastic polisher. Buff the area thoroughly.