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Ford Ranger Third Brake Light

Indications of a Defective Ford Ranger Third Brake Light

Your brake lights are built to warn other drivers when you are about to stop or slow down. A third brake light supplements your two rear brake lights, so trailing drivers will be able to react faster than usual. Over time, these brake lights may exhibit signs of damage or may not even work at all. There are some instances that only the third brake light will malfunction. If you suspect your third brake light to be already defective, then you had better perform some troubleshooting. Here are a few indications of a defective Ford Ranger third brake light and the reasons behind them.

Only the third brake light is not working

The most probable reason behind a third brake light not working is a burnt out bulb. The part may have simply exceeded its service life. To check for a burnt out bulb, simply buy a new one and test if it solves the problem. Make sure you wear gloves to avoid causing the bulbs' premature wear. If the bulbs are fine, then there may be a problem with the fuse or wirings. To test the fuse, use a fuse testing device, which should be available in most auto supply stores. Look for signs of a broken filament or a burnt fuse. In other cases, the wirings are at fault. They may have simply corroded and you'll need to find a replacement.

Brake light on the dash stays lit

In some cases, the brake light on the dash stays lit even if the switch is turned off. A simple fix to this brake light problem is by restoring the brake fluid's level. You see, if you have a low brake fluid level, the brake light will stay on. You can easily locate the brake fluid container with your service manual. It is commonly situated near the driver's side rear firewall. Sometimes the switch may have simply malfunctioned, so you may also want to check that.

Cloudy third brake light

A cloudy brake light should not be a problem if the automotive lights are constantly monitored for cracks. You see, these cracks can cause moisture to creep in and lead to cloudy lights. This can be dangerous as it lessens the lighting power of the lights.

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  • Ways to Keep a Ford Ranger Third Brake Light in Good Condition 27 February 2013

    The third brake light on your Ford Ranger is not meant to add some style for the auto, but instead, it is equipped to add another safety measure for the truck. You see, with a third brake light, trailing drivers will be able to react much faster and quicker than with only two brake lights. So if you want safety to be your priority, it is important that you constantly perform maintenance on the part. If you have no idea how to go about the task, then here are some ways to keep a Ford Ranger third brake light in good, working condition:

    Regularly inspect for signs of cracks and damages.

    A foggy brake light can impede the lighting, and in fact, may cause trailing drivers to fail to notice the signal. This is quite dangerous in dim lit situations and could lead to a collision. So, to prevent this from happening, it is advised that you regularly inspect the brake light for signs of cracks and damages. A damaged third brake light will allow moisture to settle in, and it will soon impair the part's functionality. A foggy third brake light should be replaced immediately.

    Repair foggy brake light.

    Keeping your third brake light free from moisture is a good way to keep the part in good shape. If you have no budget for a replacement to the cloudy third brake light, you may perform wet sanding as an alternative. You may use a fine grit paper and a mixture of soap and water to remove the condensation. Once you are done with the sanding, make sure you apply a polishing compound and buff the part for optimum gains.

    Clean brake light switch.

    Your third brake light may be fine, but if the contacts on your brake light switch are not in good condition, then the brake light will not be able to work. To clean the contacts, simply spray the parts with an electronics contact cleaner and wipe off the signs of corrosion with a steel wool scouring pad.

    Other maintenance reminders

    When servicing the third brake light or any other automotive lights, make sure that you wear gloves. If you fail to do so, you may cause the premature wear of the bulbs. This is because skin oil can create a reaction to the bulbs, causing it to burn out at an earlier rate.