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Ford Ranger Valance

Problems that Commonly Happen to Your Ford Ranger Valance

When driving on the road, do you notice how many road junk manages to get under your car? You may wonder what keeps your car protected from all that debris lying out there on the road. The answer to that lies with something called a valance. This is an extension installed underneath your front and rear bumper, and usually acts as a mounting board for parts like fog lights. They also act as protection against debris. The problem is, without them, your car may look bare, aside from being at the mercy of the various road junk. Here are some problems that may usually happen to your valance:

Damaged by road debris

Valances serve as protection for some of your car's lighting, as well as further covering for many unpainted parts of your car. They are to catch some of the harmful debris that would damage your lighting if they were left open. However, some debris are big and really harmful, causing damage to the valance. A broken and deteriorated valance can make your car look old and derelict.

Brittle plastic

Durable and highly resistant plastic are materials used in a valance. They can effectively shield against harmful road debris. But like anything else, the everyday exposure to different weather elements can take its toll on it. Extreme heat or cold can seriously warp the material, causing it to become brittle and easily breakable.

Improperly paired valance

Each vehicle has a specific set of valance made exactly for it. Simply put, you cannot buy a valance for a sedan and put it on a truck, or you cannot buy one that's meant for another model. Doing this can only further damage your vehicle, especially if you force the valance on your truck. It could have serious repercussions such as improper protection, improper airflow, as well as a weird appearance.

Other tips

You should change a valance as soon as it becomes brittle or cracked. This will keep your car protected, aside from keeping your car's good looks as it travels on the road.

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  • On Keeping Your Ford Ranger Valance in Good Condition

    A car's valance, aside from keeping debris away from some lighting, can help uplift a car's appearance. They come in different shapes and sizes that fit a specific make and model. It can upgrade your car's appearance as well. Right here are some tips to keep your valance looking as cool as possible for your car:

    Use aluminum and chrome valances

    Aluminum and chrome valance are more durable than vehicle-grade ones. They are slightly expensive than the plastic ones, but they can offer more protection. They can stay good-looking for longer periods of time. They are also highly durable, able to withstand more punishment than plastic valances. Consider this the next time you look for replacements for your current valance.

    Always consult the manuals

    Manuals are always provided for valances, and you should read them when you are currently installing one. Manuals also contain after-market tips which will help you to keep your valance as pristine-looking as possible. It also has instructions on how you can properly clean and keep your valance. You should consider keeping it and referring to your valance's manual from time to time.

    Regularly clean your valance

    Valances house and protect fog lights and other lighting parts from harmful road debris. You should also be aware that as time passes by, a valance gets dirtier doing this job. It accumulates dust and grime from the road. These could harden and seriously do damage to a valance's structure. To prevent this from happening, regularly clean your car's valance. You can also include this task in your cleaning routine.

    Change out broken valances

    Anything broken cannot function properly, and this is also true with valances. Broken valances may fail to protect your fog lights and other parts it covers from debris and other harmful junk on the road. To keep your car and your lights protected, you should consider replacing your broken valance with a sturdier, more reliable one.