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Ford Roof Rack

Installing a Ford roof rack is a great way to increase your cargo carrying space, having the added advantage of making it easy to carry such unwieldy items as bikes, snowboards, and skis, items that are often difficult to carry in the traditional cargo areas. As affordable a vehicle option as it is practical, there are many types of Ford roof rack to choose from. Our broad selection features a variety of low-profile types of Ford roof rack, finished with a matte black powder coating that allows the rack to pretty much escape notice when not in use, an excellent choice for sleek and sporty types of vehicles, as well as the sturdy, traditional Ford roof rack styles. As you browse the various types of Ford roof rack that we carry, you'll find varying weight capacities and two general types of installation processes - those that require drilling and those that don't. While there are some exceptions, for the most part, the Ford roof racks that are the sturdiest, able to safely handle the most weight, are in the category of those that do require drilling to install, but that shouldn't scare you off, as complete installation instructions come each Ford roof rack and, even with the drilling, most are very easy to install. To keep your cargo secure, it is important to match your expected cargo weight to the capacity of the Ford roof rack styles you are considering. Our live help system, available through our website, can help you with that, if need be. When you're ready to order your Ford roof rack, you can use our secure online site or our toll-free telephone number.