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Ford Timing Belt

Your Ford timing belt is absolutely essential to the running of your vehicle, and if it fails, you vehicle will not move an inch, unless you push it. Serving to keep the valves and pistons running in perfect harmony and thus managing the timing of the air and fuel that enters the combustion system and the exhaust that exits it, your Ford timing belt works hard. Because the Ford timing belt is one of those few parts that can fail without the type of warnings that can be readily recognized by the average driver - there are symptoms that a seasoned mechanic will connect to timing belt issues, but these include subtle tuning and timing matters well beyond the experience of the typical driver - it is highly recommended that you replace your Ford timing belt at odometer reading listed in your vehicle specific maintenance schedule, avoiding the inconvenience of being stranded with a vehicle that will not run. In some models, the failure of the Ford timing belt can have much more serious consequences, resulting in serious and expensive engine damage, especially to the valve train parts. You'll need to start considering a Ford timing belt replacement anytime after the 60,000-mile mark, but again, the maintenance schedule for your specific year and model should be your guide, because inspecting your Ford timing belt may not reveal that it is close to snapping, as the outside of the belt may look just fine, while the inner fibers may be seriously deteriorated. When you've reached the odometer reading that indicates that you're due for a Ford timing belt replacement, you'll easily find a reliable Ford timing belt replacement in our online catalog, one that will be manufactured to the same stringent standards as the factory installed original and can be counted on to provide the same lasting service. You can order your Ford timing belt replacement via our secure site or with a quick toll-free phone call.