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Ford Water Pump

When your Ford water pump goes bad, you can count on one thing -- you'll be going nowhere fast. In fact, you'll be going nowhere at all without the assistance of a tow truck, if your Ford water pump happens to fail while you are in the midst of your day's travels. Your Ford water pump is the mover and the shaker of your cooling system parts line-up, the source of the power that pushes the coolant through the cooling system as it makes its way through the engine, collecting heat to be dissipated once it reaches the radiator. As your Ford water pump starts down the road to complete failure, you'll begin to experience episodes of vehicle overheating that are out of proportion to your vehicle's activity, such as seeing the steam wafting up from under the hood after you've only driven a few blocks. These episodes may be periodic, at first, as the failure of your Ford water pump to pump may be sporadic during the early stages of failure, with the pump stopping and starting without rhyme or reason. These incidents will gradually happen more frequently and will probably be joined by a grinding or whining sound from your Ford water pump. Once the noise sets in, you should know that every trip you start may very well be your last, at least the last one that you'll be taking with that water pump. You can prepare for that by ordering your Ford water pump replacement as soon as possible, making your selection from the numerous quality replacements we have available in our online catalog. You can place your Ford water pump replacement order online, using our secure ordering system, or you can dial our toll-free telephone number to place your order directly with one of our courteous and capable customer service representatives.