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Ford Wheel Bearing

A problem with your Ford wheel bearing is much more likely to occur if your vehicle is older, as this part tends to last for a very long time. If you need to replace a Ford wheel bearing in a newer vehicle, it is usually due to an unfortunate driving mishap of some sort. One of the main indications of a Ford wheel bearing in distress is a grinding sort of a noise coming from the wheel while in motion. If you suspect that you may have a problem with a Ford wheel bearing, the best way to be sure is to get underneath the vehicle and check it out, which is easy enough to do, although certain safety precautions are necessary to see to it that you are not injured during the process. You'll have to jack up the vehicle, and jack stands are essential, as you'll be right underneath the vehicle, shaking things around and you need to be sure that the vehicle does not fall on you, otherwise your Ford wheel bearing will be the least of your problems. You should also be sure to wear protective eye-gear, as you don't want rust particles and other debris falling into your eyes, as your corneas can be scratched like that. While under the vehicle, take hold of the suspect tire and try to move it back and forth and if you can, you probably do need to replace your Ford wheel bearing. Replacing your Ford wheel bearing is a time consuming repair, but it is one that you can manage yourself, especially when motivated by keeping the per hour labor charge you'd be paying your mechanic to do it in your pocket. You can order a quality Ford wheel bearing replacement at a price that is reasonable from our online catalog, either using our secure online ordering system or our toll-free telephone number.

Ford Wheel Bearing Models