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Ford Windshield Wiper Arm

Frequent Faults Encountered with a Ford Windshield Wiper Arm

You may think that your Ford's windshield wiper arms are built only for cleaning purposes, but in fact, they are built primarily to serve as a safety measure. Without these windshield wiper arms, you will find it hard to drive your auto, especially during harsh weather conditions where visibility is low. If you still drive with defective windshield wiper arms even when it is raining, then you are putting yourself at great risk of collision. If you think the stock parts on your car are no longer serving their purpose, then better perform some troubleshooting. Below are common problems encountered with a Ford Windshield wiper arm and the reasons behind them.

Scraping or screeching sound

The easiest way to diagnose a defective windshield wiper arm is by listening for an unusual sound when the parts operate. If this happens, simply inspect the rubber on the wiper blades. Check if they are already worn. If they are indeed, defective, you may find the rubber parts to be stiff, which causes them to scrape unevenly. Other times, a wiper blade might be missing, so this will cause the metal part of the arm to scratch and damage the window glass. Eventually, when these faulty parts are left unaddressed, you will find an ugly windshield, full of damages and scratches.

Streaks on the windshield glass

If the windshield wiper arms make your windshield dirty instead of clean, then you might have damaged parts. To troubleshoot, look for streaking that is visible when the wiper arms are engaged. You will see that water remains on the windshield because the wiper arms are missing these sections. Pretty soon, you may find the windshield hazed since there is a possibility of dirt and debris buildup, especially when you constantly drive in dusty areas. Cleaning the blade usually solves the problem, but if it does not, simply find a replacement.

Wiper arms do not move when prompted

If the windshield wiper arms remain motionless even if the switch is turned on, then the most likely cause is a defective motor. Simply inspect if the motor is already burnt out. Just replace the damaged part to fix the problem. In other instances, the gears are damaged, so you might also want to inspect these parts.

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  • Ways in Keeping a Ford Windshield Wiper Arm in Good Shape

    Driving your Ford during rainy season or in dusty areas is made much safer with fully functional windshield wiper arms. These parts, which are located by the windshield, helps you have a clear vision of your surroundings by constantly wiping off dirt and particles falling towards the windshield. If these parts are properly maintained, you will definitely have an easier time driving your auto even during hazy or rainy weather. So if you have no idea how to go about windshield wiper maintenance, here are a few tips and tricks to follow:

    Regularly inspect the wiper blades.

    The wiper blades on your auto may not be as tough as you think. In fact, these stock parts only last an average of 6 to 12 months. So if your windshield wiper arms are already about this age, then you had better prepare a replacement. Additionally, you may also want to equip a silicone type of wiper arms since they are generally known to last longer than rubber types. Unlike silicone types, the rubber ones equipped on your auto are more susceptible to damage. And since your windshield wipers are located at the front of your auto, you can surely expect it to be at the forefront of receiving dirt and dust particles, especially when driving off the road.

    Clean the windshield and windshield wiper arms.

    To keep your windshield parts in good shape, perform regular cleaning of the windshield glass and windshield wiper arms. Avoid using too much abrasive products. If you can't find a decent cleaner, you may use a solution of baking soda, dishwashing liquid, and water. Once done with applying the solution, proceed to clean the wiper blades with a soft rag. Allow ample time for drying in order to avoid streaking on the windshield glass.

    Repaint windshield wiper arms.

    The arms are made of metal, and, overtime, you may find these parts to be corroded. If you want to maintain the wiper arms' looks, first detach the arms to apply a paint primer. Wait a few hours before spraying again with oil-based enamel. Once done, wait for another few hours before reattaching the windshield wiper arms.