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Ford Windstar Window Motor

Common Problems of Ford Windstar Window Motor and Their Causes

Don't you just hate it when you have to open your Ford Windstar's entire door panel just to get a parking or toll way ticket? This happens when your vehicle's reliable power windows deteriorate and fail over time. Although this window malfunction can be caused by other window assembly parts, it is highly possible that the window motor is the primary culprit behind this frustrating problem. To confirm this, you can troubleshoot your vehicle's window motor and see if it has the following problems:

Window motor has no voltage

Lack of voltage in your Ford Windstar window motor can often cause your vehicle's windows to not function properly. If the power windows are not working, check the window motor's voltage using a test light. If the test light shows no voltage at all, examine the window motor's electrical connections for damage and corrosion. If the wires connected to the window motor are all fine, you may want to check the circuit breaker and/or the fuse using an ohmmeter. If all these parts are in good condition and yet the power windows are still not working, replacing your Ford Windstar window motor might be the solution.

Interrupted power flow

Interruptions in the flow of power to the window motor can also cause it to malfunction. Usually, short circuits and unnecessary openings in the electrical wirings disrupt the normal flow of electricity to and from the Ford Windstar window motor. You can test the wires' efficiency in transporting power through a test light or an ohmmeter. If the electrical lines are not the problem, checking the power source for damage might do the trick. Other possible causes of power flow disruption include burnt or blown-up fuse, busted fuse, and broken relays.

Physical damage

Since your Ford Windstar window motor is located within the vehicle's door panel, it is highly susceptible to physical damage caused by road accidents. In most cases, minor scratches and dents on the surface of the window motor do not alter its normal function. But if the damage is too severe, replacing the motor with a new one is your sole option.

Other troubleshooting tips

If your Ford Windstar window motor is producing grinding or humming noise while it operates, this may be an indication of an impending motor failure. It is also very common for electric motors to develop dead spots. When these happen, the window motor suddenly stops working. You can still make it work by tapping it with a rubber mallet, but this is only a temporary solution to the problem. Once your vehicle's window motor develops a dead spot, it is already considered defective.

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  • Easy Care Tips for Your Ford Windstar Window Motor

    They say that "if a door closes, a window will open." But how can your Ford Windstar's power windows open if your vehicle has a busted window motor? Having a functional power window allows you to enjoy the fresh ocean breeze outside your minivan. It also offers you the convenience of getting parking and toll way tickets without having to open the entire car door. But most importantly, it guarantees that you'll have an emergency exit during accidents, in case your vehicle's doors won't open. All these will not be possible if your vehicle's power window motor is damaged. To help you keep your Ford Windstar window motor in tiptop shape, you just need to follow these useful tips:

    Examine the window motor for damage.

    Too much use, old age, and road accidents can cause irreparable damage to your vehicle's window motor. Although these factors cannot be controlled, regularly checking the window motor for damage will allow you to immediately change the busted part before it causes power window malfunction or breakdown. Aside from the Ford Windstar window motor, it is also important to inspect the other window assembly components like the window regulator, power switch, electrical wirings, fuses, relays, circuit breaker, and the main power source, which is the car battery. If any of these parts is damaged, chances are high that it will affect the normal function of your vehicle's window motor. So as soon as you see the initial signs of wear on these window assembly components, do not hesitate to replace them.

    Clean and lubricate the motor and its parts.

    If your Ford Windstar's power windows start to produce squeaking and creaking noises everytime you open or close them, or if they seem to be slower than usual when going up or down, your window motor definitely needs to be cleaned and lubricated. Just like any other component of your minivan, the window motor and its individual parts also need to be maintained to keep their optimum shape and performance. Cleaning and lubricating the window motor will take about an hour to finish. You will also need some basic repair tools like ratchet and socket set, screwdriver, clean rags, and bearing packing grease to finish the job. You can clean the motor's body by turning it upside down and tapping it gently. This will also allow you to clean the window motor's bushings. Once everything is clean, you may then proceed with the greasing of the splined metal strips coming out of the motor.