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Pollution is everywhere, especially along busy city streets. But you're lucky if you own a car because you'll be able to avoid the dirt-filled outside air while traveling. The confines of your vehicle shield you from the poisonous polluted air circulating the metropolis, but what if you're not even safe while inside your car? Dirt can also find its way to your cabin, especially if you don't have an efficient automotive air filter to combat the harmful pollutants. Try using Forecast filter solutions before a mighty wave of debris clogs up your vehicle's cabin. The brand's high performance filter line keeps you safe from health risks while traveling and gives the inside of your vehicle a much cleaner, pollutant-free atmosphere.

With more than 5,000 OEM and aftermarket parts in stock, Forecast is one of the world's top automotive suppliers and the company currently has strong partnerships with private label accounts, manufacturers, exporters, and importers around the globe. Constant innovation is one of the brand's goals, with at least 30 new part numbers released each month. Every product manufactured meets OEM quality and specification, so you can be sure that the form, fit, and function of the part you purchase will blend well with your other stock engine parts. The formulas of Forecast to success and quality service are its exceptional research and development facilities, award-winning catalogs, excellent customer service teams, and updated product knowledge. It has been the company's way for over 35 years now, and it seems like the brand shows no signs of slowing down on its way to the top.

The Forecast air filter is just one of the many vehicle solutions the brand markets under its label. Air filters from this brand feature superior air-cleaning qualities topped with the best kind of pleated paper filter and charcoal to better absorb even the smallest particle of pollen, bacteria, and mold. Aside from air filters, there's also the Forecast Igniter for quicker engine start-ups. Idle starts are minimized with this component. The Forecast ignition coil has the best coil coverage with special-blend oil for maximum heat dissipation. The coils are made of 100% copper wire to better endure extreme heat. The max temperature endurance level of each Forecast coil is up to 250 degrees.