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The Freedom Design Strut Bar beats the competition in chassis-stiffening performance. It is simple to install, simple to use, great for your engine, and built to last. The Freedom Design Strut Bar works best for aggressive drivers or for those who'll want to increase the car's tire or wheel size, thereby needing chassis stiffening to improve steering. The Freedom Design Strut Bar also improves weight transfer and maximizes handling. The durability of the Freedom Design Strut Bar is due to its construction. Made from mandrel bent, forged aluminum, each Freedom Design Strut Bar is polished to a high luster and includes steel-constructed, precision machined mounting plates made of steel, corrosion- treated and powder-coated with a red finish unique to Freedom Design products. Whether you have an Acura or Volkswagen, there's bound to be a corresponding Freedom Design Strut Bar to match.
The Freedom Design Air Dams will fit most vehicles, whether domestic or imported. As with the other high quality Freedom Design products, the Freedom Design Air Dam is simple to install, simple to use, and built to last. Adaptability and interchangeability is what the Freedom Design Air Dam is all about. Maybe you purchased the Freedom Design Air Dam for your 1992 to 1994 Chevy Blazer. How convenient would it be to use the same Freedom Design Air Dam for your full-size 1992 to 1994 GMC pickup, or for your Yukon? The same Freedom Design Air Dam will fit your GMC or Yukon, and even extends to 1998 models, guaranteed. For the savvy and budget-conscious consumer shopping for durability and adaptability, Freedom Design Air Dams will surely satisfy and please.
The Freedom Design Spoiler, another product that improves aerodynamics and streamlines ground effects, is also compatible with most major domestic and import vehicle types. If you're expecting adaptability, interchangeability, user-friendly features, and outstanding quality, you won't be disappointed. The Design team ensures that the Freedom Design Spoiler meets all consumer expectations. Again, you get simple installation, ease of use, and smart designs. The adaptability, durability and high quality of the Freedom Design Spoiler distinguishes this product from any rival spoiler manufacturers.
If you're looking to customize your car without sacrificing on quality aerodynamics and its performance, give the Freedom Design Strut Bar, Freedom Design Air Dam, and Freedom Design Spoiler a try. You won't be disappointed, and you'll be amazed at the simplicity of use and efficient design of these products, guaranteed/

Freedom Design Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right Freedom Design Product, For the Right Job

    It's easy to spot import vehicles in the 80's because they are basically different. They have what enthusiasts call Euro-look and they definitely breathe performance. That's history now as Freedom Design started making every domestic vehicle look and sound like imports. The once manufacturer of accessories for import cars has now expanded its horizons, making hundreds of rear spoiler models for virtually all automobile makes and models. On top of that, Freedom Design has also ventured in making different automobile performance parts and systems.

    Still, the most valued product in the brand's success is its Freedom Design spoiler. This is a serious rear add-on as opposed to the ones designed only for aesthetic purpose. The idea is to reduce drag on the vehicle and increase the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The concept is engineered through Freedom Design's dozen of years in racing experience. Added with a tinge of fashion, the brand spoilers have become both styling and speed-altering add-on accessories to various vehicle makes or model.

    Freedom Design is also proud in making easy-to-install products. This is achieved by crafting good looking products from high-grade raw materials but using standard specifications of the vehicle they are supposed to be used on. This is the reason why hundreds of models for every add-on accessory is being manufactured and distributed to the market by the company. That way, even a practicing DIYer can get the accessory that's especially made for this vehicle and get it fixed without so much hassle. Doing this will eventually earn the owner his supposed service fee budget to some professional installer.