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Installing a Front End Cover

Your car's front end receives the most damage from road debris and rocks. Front end covers help protect your car's front end from any form unexpected road damage. Most aftermarket front end covers fit your car like a glove and they provide an aerodynamic look. Also, front end covers do not hinder access to your car's engine, as many have thought before. Installing a front end cover will take about 15 minutes, and here is a guide to help you with the installation process.

Required skill level: Novice

Needed tools and materials

  • Car shampoo
  • A pail of water
  • Clean cotton rags
  • A new front end cover
  • Preparing for the task

    Make sure that your work area is clear from dust. Mix a capful of car shampoo into a pail of water. Using a sponge, wash your car thoroughly and remove any dirt and grime, especially on the car's front end area. Use clean cotton rags to completely dry your car before installing the new front end cover. Inspect your car's body panels for any signs of damage. Repair any damaged body panel before installing the new front end cover.

    Preparing the front end cover for installation

    Open the new front end cover's box and lay it over your car to check if it fits the car's front end. Inspect the front end cover for any signs of tears, holes, or missing parts and fasteners. Let the new front end cover to sit under direct sunlight until it can be stretched over the car's front end.

    Installing the new front end cover on your car

    Use a clean, dry cotton rag to wipe off any signs of dirt on the car's front end surfaces. Remember that dirt acts like sandpaper under the front end cover during installation, causing damage to your car's paint job. Use the front end cover's tabs to secure it on your car's front end. These tabs can be either bent around the bumper or snapped into place with the tabs provided.

    Testing the installation of the new front end cover

    Drive your car to test if the new front end cover is properly fitted. Check if the front end cover flails in the wind because flapping can cause damage to your car's paint. An improperly fit front end cover will shorten the cover's life span and leave you with an expensive repaint job.

    Front End Cover Articles

    • Colgan vs Covercraft: Which Can Provide the Best Front End Protection?

      From the base of your car's bumper to the hood's leading edge, front end covers protect your car's nose from gouges, dings, and possible debris that may damage the nose's paint job. Covercraft and Colgan are some of the best front end cover manufacturers in the market today. Both companies use the latest technologies to create front end covers that will really protect your car for a long time. But when choosing the right front end cover for your car, product features and benefits can easily complicate things. Here's a simple guide to help you decide which front end protection to get for your car:

      Front End Cover Styles

      Colgan front end covers come in different styles: a T-Style Bra, a Sport Bra, 2-Piece Full Bra, 2-Piece Original Bra, and a 1-Piece Original Bra. Covercraft on the other hand, only offers a Custom Mini Mask, Deflector Protector Hood Shield, Custom Front Mask, and a One-Piece Front Mask. Colgan front end covers offer two different cover materials, while Covercraft only uses a micro-perforated finish in their vinyl cover allowing it to breathe.

      Winner: Colgan

      Front End Protection

      We installed a Covercraft MM series front end cover and a Colgan 2-piece Full Bra on a Jeep Grand Cherokee to see which manufacturer offers the best protection while on the road. The Jeep was driven for a good couple of miles and even through rain. Both the Colgan 2-piece Full Bra and Covercraft MM series provided excellent protection in various weather conditions. However, Covercraft's micro-perforation vinyl cover let the moisture out and kept the Jeep's hood dry, compared to the Colgan front end cover.

      Winner: Covercraft


      The Colgan 2-piece Full Bra is priced from $135 to $192, which is more expensive that the Covercraft MM series front end cover. Covercraft front end cover prices range from $98 to $117 per set. The price difference between the two products may affect a vehicle owner's shoe-string budget.

      Winner: Covercraft


      Covercraft front end covers are usually backed by a three month warranty, but Colgan is offering a three year warranty on their front end covers. This is considered as the industry's longest warranty for its product class.

      Winner: Colgan

      The Verdict

      Covercraft and Colgan offers a lot of features that can rival most front end cover manufacturers. Their products both have advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your vehicle's need, you may go for Colgan's variety of front end styles or Covercraft's superior all-weather protection. Picking the right front end cover boils down to what you want and need from your vehicle.